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On July 1st the Ostomyland project will be on it's 6000th day online. :DD :DD :DD 


8P  :yahoo:  :friends:  :drinks:  [waver]  :groupwavereversed:  :toot:  :thumbsup:  :punk:


#justsaying ;)


As always I want to take these opportunities to thank everyone for their help, support, kindness and understanding that they've shown thousands of complete strangers over the years. The site just wouldn't be the same without you guys. I especially want to thank all the admins and mods and happy helpers - past and present - that the site has had over the last 6000 days, principally Kathy, Pauline, Sarah, Simon, Rach, Julie, Sue, Pauline, PattiMc, Ali, Doug and our lost forums, chat and members friends too including staffers Mich_NL, Alva and Doug. If I've missed any names off here it's only in name and not in the heart - blame it on my fuzzed up brain from all the new medications lately. 

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