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community news Saturday Chat - 8pm UK (GMT+1) May 17th, 2014

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Apologies for missing this reminder post for last weeks chat meet. I totally forgot about it. So moving swiftly on and without further ado here is tonight's chat reminder before I forget to post it this week as well! :D


Saturday is Chat Day! Our weekly scheduled ostomy support chat session is today (Saturday) May 17th at 8pm GMT / Approx 3pm East USA.

** Ask questions ** Seek advice ** Offer help/advice ** Make new friends **

**Chatroom Location**

**Time Conversion**

Click link for what 8pm GMT+1 equates to for your time zone

Note: People drift in and out over the 2-3 hours of the meeting so if things are quiet try a little later on. Chat is also open 24/7 for impromptu support or off topic chat. Why not arrange a meeting of your own by posting your meetings date and time in the O'land Facebook group or website forums?

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