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      Check all advice with your medical team! Plus, quoting medical sources (HON code requirement)   08/25/2015

      Here at Ostomyland we are a patient run community - meaning we have learnt what we know as a result of being the patient and 99% of our members have got no medical qualifications whatsoever, and so any support replies are usually based on personal experience or friends/family-members personal experience. As a result Ostomyland strongly recommend that all members should check the accuracy of any support/health advice they have been given here with a member of their own medical team (GP, ET/Stoma Nurse/ Surgeon etc) BEFORE acting on it. This is for your own safety, as all our bodies are very different, and what works for one might not for the other, and for another it might even be dangerous! Ostomyland is not responsible for the content of the posts made, each member is responsible for their own posts. So if you ever did get any duff advice (unlikely, but could happen one day....) then blame the person who posted the message, and not Ostomyland. We are proud to be HON code certified and work very hard to meet the requirements of their principles. As such, and as requested under principle 4 of the HON code guidelines we must ask that members of the forums please quote sources for any medical information they give which is not based on personal experience.   Thanks.

Is this a Blockage? What home treatments? (difficulty: In rural Italy)

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I'm spending the northern summer in a tiny town in rural Italy.  Lucky me!  My Italian language is functional for ordering coffee and making observations of the weather, but that's about it.

For the last week, I have had no solid output from my nearly 10-year-old stoma.  There are lots of very loud, gurgling and rumbling noises, frequent nausea and little burps.  For a day and a half I was bedbound with episodic cramps, however these have subsided and there is merely generalised pain.  My stoma looks swollen and distended, and a lighter colour than normal.  I am changing the wafer more frequently, as although the output is minimal, it is very liquid and soaks through the baseplate.  

Now that I am vertical again, I am seeking to walk, and even run when I can to move things up, but so far, nothing.  My belly is very distended.  

I had a full bowel blockage in 2010 and I am fully aware of what that pain feels like.  This is nothing like that.  

I would dearly love to avoid negotiating the Italian medical system, which, while excellent, involves me making many difficult explanations and wasting a lot of time.  English is spoken very little  here, even among professionals.  

Advice or suggestions on how I may treat this?

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"Advice or suggestions on how I may treat this?"


Uhhh...  Quickly.  Toxic shock possibilities?

"Ho un mal di pancia."
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I don't think there is anything you are going to be able to solve quickly, unfortunately! I do think you need to seek medical help soon! I wouldn't wait much longer or you may be extending your stay longer than you may have planned!

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