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It's Back! The return of everyone's favourite welcome block.

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If there's one thing I know many of our members have missed since the community software was upgraded to the new IP.Board 4.0 is the front page welcome block with the photos and the quick links to posting new topics, quick access to topics you started and quick access to topics you've replied to.

The feature works exactly the same way as in the old v3.x community forums so hopefully everyone can slip back into using it just as before. :D

I hope you all enjoy the new update (old update lol) to the site. Sorry it's taken so long but it's taken a long time for it to get upgraded due to the fact the original mod creator abandoned the project and despite a large outcry of fans wanting to see someone take it on again it's taken many months for someone to take it over. But they have, and a big thank you to IPB modder =RAW= for taking it on.

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