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Hey gang, 

I'm very pleased to say that the board is back up and running now, complete with the new IPB4 software. At the moment there is still a LOT of background conversion happening with the database so you will see posts where the bbcode is not formatting correctly and you are going to see things like hello instead of hello, or missing emotes from posts which are just showing the file name instead. On top of this things may be a tad slow, hopefully once all the background conversion is finished that will be back to normal. Also, I have some changes still to make but I didn't want to keep the community closed for any longer.

Most of the big changes are from the admin and moderators perspective and will not impact you however there's two new features worth pointing out. 

Firstly, the whole board including forums, gallery, blog etc is mobile device friendly. All pages will respond to the width of the screen you are using and adjust so that you can still comfortably use the site without losing any readability to the text etc. It's called "responsiveness" and it's something I've wanted to have on the board for many, many months now (years?) and have been patiently waiting for IPS to bring it in. Finally it's here and it's been worth the wait. The forums look great on your desktop monitor, or a laptop screen, or an ipad and even on your tiddly mobile phone. Hooray! I'm hoping that this will help make people return to the site more often as it will be easier to use on the sort of devices that people use most these days - phones, tablets and smaller laptops. 

Secondly, the profile's have had an overhaul so check out your profile settings. You'll notice that they look a lot like a Facebook page now as there's not just the profile picture, but also a cover picture. For example, here's mine. :D 


Also, all that member's content can be reached from their profiles. 

As before the member user panel - ie your settings - are reached from the top right hand corner where your display name and profile picture are showing. Options have been streamlined a bit but you shouldn't find it too difficult to find your way around compared to the old IPB3 board. 

Now.... about mods. I used quite a few third party modifications on the old IPBoard to get it just how I / the members liked it. None of these work with IPB4 and so it will take time to find replacements or for the original authors to upgrade their code. As it stands, right at this minute, I have not made any effort at all to see what mods have or have not been updated yet. I've spent all my time simply focusing on getting the basic vanilla software installed and working. Once I'm happy all of that is okie dokie then I'll go look over the IPBoard mod community to see what's available and start getting around to installing anything suitable. 

So, that's about it for now. Have fun playing with the board. It's not too different from your side like I've mentioned but hopefully you'll still enjoy using it. 

Take care everyone. 


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