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Coming VERY SOON... IP.Board 4 - a whole new forums experience.

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Woot! Yay! Woo hoo etc etc! 


After an eternal wait IP.Board 4 is finally available and I've got the software on my computer as I type. I just need to backup everything and install the new board. I'm not going to do it today but I'm going to have a go this week most probably.This means the forums will be disabled and offline whilst all this work is being done. Hopefully it should not be down anymore than a few hours. 


As you probably know, we have used a lot of third party modifications to IP.Board over the years to get it to look just how I want it. Well, all these will have to be disabled for when the installation is performed, and very few of these mods are currently available for IPB4. However, the forums have quite a few of the big mods features built into the software already, so I can take my time and play with the board (as we all can) and see how things go. 

The new forums have a much more up to date look that is specifically designed to work well on tablets and mobile phones and has a much more social media look to it whilst retaining all the benefits of a forums environment. Believe me, the changes in the mobile department are huge. I'm the first to admit that the mobile features of IP.board 3 are atrocious and years out of date so I'm really excited to get these mobile features on the forums ASAP so that I can try and help the forums stand up better to the Facebook revolution. 


For a peek at what's coming check out the Invision Power community forums at: 


It's exciting stuff!  [waver]  [thumbs_up]


Take care everyone. 



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