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[FIXED] No validation emails being sent out (nor notifications emails)

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The following problems with outgoing emails has been fixed. However, it is not possible to resend validation emails to the people who registered but did not receive their clicky link. Therefore, please contact me with your username and I'll validate your account for you. All future member sign ups will now receive their validation emails as per normal, and the notification emails for topic updates and messages is working once again. Sorry for the downtime with this problem. 




Hi gang, 


I am currently aware of an issue with account validation emails not being sent out, and I've ticketed IPS to see if they can help with this as I've been unable to resolve the issue myself. This issue seems to be affecting all out-going emails from the forums so that includes message notifications and topic updates notifications. I'll update this when more information is available. 


In the meantime, to have your account validated immediately you can use the Facebook Connect option at registration as that by-passes validation because the email address has already been validated by Facebook themselves. Alternatively, if you need a regular account validating please email me your username FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU ARE TRYING TO VALIDATE and I'll validate the account for you. :icon_smile: 

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend! :)



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