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  1. Adhesions?

    I sometimes get a pain which my SN thinks might be adhesions. It's awful today. Its a sharp pain, midline between my diaphragm and belly button. It hurts to touch or even breathe (particularly out!). Hurts less to sit but still there. I need to be at work but it's really slowing me down. Have some paracetamol with me but they've not touched it. Any ideas??
  2. My Rights

    Just wondering what are my rights in having an Ileostomy? I work and lead a normal life, sometimes it can act up. Think Im covered under the Disability Rights Act in work, but what about normal every day life? as a doctor pointed out to me I am technically incontinent. I pay full rent, work part time due to having a 7yr old and 2 teenage daughters. I cant afford a shower, but really need one for them times when I leak alot when my Stoma (steve) is acting up. what are my rights, Ive never asked the question and Ive had an Ileostomy for 17 yrs.?????
  3. Hello, I took out extra travel insurance last year (although i have insurance with my bank) in September for two weeks in Madeira, which was about ten months after my operation,I had no problems with my stoma,Iv'e back at work full time for six months and everything is fine. would you recomend I take out extra cover going to Spain in Septenber for seven days?
  4. Advice needed please on how to deal with 'Fred' when he starts working when on car journey with no loos nearby such as on a motorway etc. When 'Fred' works he often forgets to stop so a bag fills up very quickly and needs emptying/changing quickly.
  5. I'm new here, I've been looking for a place to ask questions like this for ages but have only just discovered this place. I have had Gloop the ileostomy for 5 years, since I was 13, and have had very few problems since then, but this time no one seems to know what to do with me. 11 days a go I discovered a little hole near my stoma under the baseplate (I've also heard it called the wafer part). The next day it has gotten bigger and obviously infected. Over the next few days it got bigger (we were on holiday at the time so we had to wait till we got back) until 5 days a go when I went to a walk in centre. The nurse didn't dare try anything and refered me to the doctor. He in turn had no clue what he was doing, hazarded a guess that it's an ulcer and gave me 5 days worth of anti-biotics. I stopped taking them early as they were making me ill, and booked to see my stoma nurse. She too said it was an ulcer (though she really wasn't sure and hasn't seen anything like it before) and gave me a powder to protect it and let it heal, to give it a week and if it didn't work she would refer me to the surgeons (Not good, needle phobic, hospital phobic). Now however it has gotten worse again and I'm not sure what to do. The hole is about half an inch long, and is quite deep, no longer has much pus coming out of it except when left to its own devises under the baseplate. It is painful and has a hard lump under the skin next to it and a raised hard ridge round the edge of it, a third of an inch thick and the same ammount, this is new so none of the doctors or nurses have seen it. It also is making the baseplate break 3 times a day, making uni difficult. I just don't know what to do now, it is annoying and painful. Anyone ever had one before, or know they might do?
  6. We've received the following enquiry.....can anyone help?
  7. ... _7vqT0Clw# please would anybody who feels like looking at someone else stoma, have a look at my pic and tell me what they think. my peristomal skin is not a problem, i have leaks and skin issues under control. HOWEVER, there is a one inch ridge along the top which is so unbearably painful that i have to take pain killers. i cant even take it if you blow on it, or water, its real bad. it has not changed despite different ways of cutting bag different seals, barriers, and believe me,we have tried a lot of things. only thing that helps is a little local anaesthetic gently applied with q tip and leave for half hour then wipe clean and put on flange. then i get an hour or so relief. because it responds to the local anaesthetic, i guess this skin fold or ridge should be inside my body not outside. its like raw nerve endings sticking up. sometimes i think half my problems of not coping with my bag life is that i cant get to be comfortable or pain free long enough to convince myself that i am actually ok. i am always in pain and either pulling a face, or holding my breath or pacing the floor, or just freaking out. I would love to forget that its there and move on as so many have suggested. I think this is holding me back. By the end of the year i will be going to see the surgeon and see what he says. I cant go now because of work committments and my financial future is at risk it i am not at work for next 2 months. thanks, if anyone can look and advise. Val
  8. I have a 32 year old son that was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age 20. After surgery (ileostomy created), radiation and chemotherapy, he returned to university. Six months later he ended up in the hospital with a severe blockage. His stoma was redone and he had 10 relatively easy years except for the occasional blockage (usually after a scope).   This past year he developed bleeding scar tissue on his stoma and flew back to the US (he is an engineer on a remote island) for sugery in May. During day surgery the surgeon (same one that did the 2nd surgery) resected 2" of small bowel and restitched the stoma in the same place. He never felt well after surgery while recovering in a hotel and repeatedly went to or called the clinic. He was unable to return to a normal diet. Meanwhile, the surgeon told him he was "being impatient with his recovery" and released him to return to work.   Ten days after returning to the island he developed a severe obstruction and ended up in the critical care unit of a SOS clinic on the island while waiting for three days to be medivaced to Australia. The surgeon in Australia diagnosed him with "radiation fibrosis" and .... in his words .... a "poorly done stoma". After five days in the hospital his blockage resolved enough to allow him to go to a hotel to continue to recouperate.   Two nights ago, his stoma retracted. The next morning he went to the surgeon who told him to return to the US as fast as possible to have a correctly created new stoma. He will get on the next plane to the US as soon as the Dr clears him to travel. He tells me that the pain is indescribable, but the best he can say that it is like an "ever present blow torch held to his skin" and that the pain is to the point of needing narcotics. He is desperate for relief and we are trying to find him help...or at least get help in place so that the minute he comes back to the US he can go to the very best place and very best surgeon possible for a new stoma. Understandably, he is not interested in returning to the surgeon who worked on him in May.   Does ANYONE have any suggestions for us? Time is an issue and we are trying to figure out how to have him helped within hours of reaching the US. Any help, suggestions, etc. are welcome.
  9. Hi all Is it true that they have started to do bowel and anal transplants overseas? I know they are working on a pacemaker for bowels here, if this was true would any of u do it? I dont think i could , too many things have gone wrong for me? My first poll dont know whether it will work lol
  10. This is the only place I can share this ---- today at work I went in to the bathroom with a full bag and I was really busy and was not really paying attention........another co worker was talking to me through the door.......and not paying attention I opened the clip and was not exactly over the toilet and the next thing I hear ......plop .....plop.......and there was poop all over the floor and my shoe..........lovely way to begin the morning.....................grrrrrrrr..................... when I finally came out, she commented boy I thought you could do that bag thing quicker than I shared...........she shut up..........
  11. The Usual Suspects

    Hi Guys, I think a few people where I work now have got suspicions I might have a colostomy.There was a dead giveaway when a disposal unit was placed in the toilet.I resolved to only tell my manager and boy has it been fun watching people trying to get me to admit to having one !! a few people have steered the conversation round to bowels and then onto bag wearers-I know what they're doing and I just keep a dead pan look on my face and say things like"wow-I bet thats hard".One woman was determined to get me to speak out and bluntly asked me did I have a health condition when she saw me taking a pill.I just smiled and said "no,I've got a headache."I know it's driving them nuts but it makes me laugh!! anyone else had a similar experience? L.
  12. On Monday I was at work and in the midst of doing a home visit and there was a problem. I had some very thick nasty poo. And a wafer that had been on for 11 days. I had a very pretty white shirt with little penquins and wreaths ! First I could smell it. Then I saw lovely shirt was turning brown........... So I told the new Mom's that I was meeting with that I had a colostomy and that I was having a problem at which point the one Mom said she had just checked her baby's diaper and saw it was clean and was wondering. So I excused myself and put my hand over the bag and prayed that poop did not fall out. It did not. But my hand was wet. I drove home which luckly was close. Cleaned up and went about the rest of my day. I was irritated that it got in the way of my very busy schedule. But I was not embarrased. I really can not explain this. Is there something wrong with me that I am not embarrased by this. Maybe that is part of why I am not in any hurry to get the reversal I am not an uncaring person but this thing really does not bother me................ Vickie West Virginia
  13. Well ........I am a bit on the heavy side so sometimes if I have been very active I get an irritation on the inside of my thigh...... so yesterday that was happening.........and I had to change the wafer so there I was with my box of supplies, and I got thinking.....(that was the dangerous part ) I figured that skin prep was to protect the skin from problem with the inside of the thigh getting irritated is that then the moisture sets in and the next thing you know there is a full blown wound or infection going on there. Soooooo I figured that I could put skin prep on it and that would seal out the moisture so it can heal......... so I got out a nice little skin prep wipe, and smeared it all over the place.....well I know instantly that I had made a mistake because it burned like.......well you know what........then I figured well just hang on the pain will go away and then the skin prep will work on it. But in about five minutes these spider web like things started forming over then I decided maybe this was a bad idea so I got a wet washcloth and started wiping .......then the spider web things turned to gooo and then when I lifted the washcloth the goo and pieces of skin all came now the place is bright red, full of lipids streaked with blood, and poofed up.........after screaming for a few minutes I put medicated powder on it and it calmed down..............I ended up this morning puting neosporin on a gauze pad on it............ so the moral of this story is not ever put skin prep on raw open wounds........... I had to tell someone this........the folks at work would not see any humor or understand such adventures.........but I knew you all would.......
  14. Ostomy Information

    This link will take you to the list of chapters, which cover the following topics: What Is A Colostomy? What Does a Stoma Look Like? The Stoma Nurse At The Hospital About The Pouches Prescriptions The Stoma Routine Problems With Diet Travel Sports and Swimming Returning to School or Work Relationships Sex and Pregnancy Colostomy Irrigation Food and Drink Effects Chart Leakage and other Skin Problems