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  1. Hi everyone, I just joined. Currently my status is I have had a polyp removed and it is undifferentiated, and tumor budding is present. It is stage 1 adenoma carcinoma, a common cancer. The polyp was intact and it was removed. The colorectal surgeon at our general hospital is recommending removal of 10cm of my rectum. 5cm above and 5cm below where the polyp was found.  Unfortunately there is only 4-5cm too close to my anus so it means if I make the decision it is an ostomy bag for life. I am very concerned and troubled by the decision I have to make. The way it has been explained to me is that my macro cancer cells CT and MRI tests are all negative. The surgery is recommended as the polyp had two out of four markers that make it a high risk aggressive cancer I am dealing with. There is a 20% to 30% chance they did not get all the micro cancer cells which are undetectable in any test. In order to prevent the 20-30% chance there are undetectable micro cancer cells from moving to my lymph nodes then liver and lungs, is to perform the surgery. This will reduce the 20-30% to 3%. I am struggling with a decision that is based on statistics more than facts. The fact is I do not have cancer. I might get cancer from micro cells if they were not removed fully. Has anyone faced this type of decision before and how did they come to terms it? I am a 46 year old male, with 0 health issues and have not had a cold flu or any sickness since 2015. I have till Nov 22, 2017 to decide, and I am leaning towards not doing it, but still unsure. I am currently researching life with an ostomy bag but really scared of what I am reading. Not sure what other info you may need but let me know. Thank you.