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  1. Hi all. Been having ulcer like wounds show up from time to time under my wafer. Previoulsy diagnosed by a wound care nurse and a dermatologist as being pyoderma gangrenosum. Now a different dermatologist re biopsied the wound and says it's not pyoderma and refered me to a different WOCN. Don't have much leakage, but am now thinking the problem might be pressure or plain irritation from the wafer. The wounds usually happen on the top half of the stoma site, probably mostly near the belt site. Have tried wearing the belt rather loose, but this doesn't seem to do much. Applying Triamcinilone, covered by calcium alginate over the wounds util they heal. Any ideas to share regarding products or procedures? Thanks
  2. I've just received a very bizarre leaflet from Clinimed this morning which was for their Welland Hyperseal product. What was so bizarre about it? Well, 50% of the advertisement space was given over to the humble garden leek. The whole idea being a pun on the word "leak" and the fact the product prevents leakage. But, not only did it have a front page given over to a Leek, but inside was a packet of garden seeds to grow your own leeks, and on the reverse was a recipe for a very hearty leek and potato soup. "Let these be the only leaks in your household".... (It is a great product too, I've used it repeatedly myself in recent months). Funny, yet totally bizarre. It's a brave move by Clinimed. Ostomy product advertising has been very stale, generic and cliche'd for years. This is a brave step to challenge that culture of advertisement stereotypes. However, by making light of leakage, they could risk upsetting the ostomates for whom leakage is a huge problem - one big enough to affect their morale, cause depression and devastate their lives. What do you think of this leaflet? Brave step away from stale advertising? Or could it be offensive to those with leakage problems? Or something else? I've love to know what you think, and there's a quickie poll associated with this topic too. Original post from Ostomyland's news/information main website:
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