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  1. Hi Guys,I have flown with my stoma before but I haven't done a long flight-we're going from UK to Las Vegas via Philadelphia.I irrigate and I know that should makes things simpler.But I need some advice. 1 Do I carry my irrigation set in my hand luggage? 2 I will carry some spare bags in my hand luggage and some in my suitcase just in case-what else will I need. 3 Is there anything I need to be aware of going through security?I mean that long hose on my set looks a bit weird!! 4 I have got a travel certificate with me which explains what my condition is,should all my medication be labelled? 5 I suppose Im nervous as I've had 2 previous travel disasters-once my bag set off the alarm-there was a tiny bit of metal in the filter.The second time I just got a huge rush of the runs mid flight. 6 I am worried about the huge gaps in between flights as I know it'll take me over the 24 hour irrigation time.Can you ever irrigate one extra time if you have to? any other advice gladly received-many thanks, Lola.
  2. Ostomy Information

    This link will take you to the list of chapters, which cover the following topics: What Is A Colostomy? What Does a Stoma Look Like? The Stoma Nurse At The Hospital About The Pouches Prescriptions The Stoma Routine Problems With Diet Travel Sports and Swimming Returning to School or Work Relationships Sex and Pregnancy Colostomy Irrigation Food and Drink Effects Chart Leakage and other Skin Problems