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  1. Nursing School

    Hi everyone! Long time between updates, I realize! Sorry about that! Charlene, who was diagnosed when she was 11 with Crohn's disease, in 2008, is a sophomore nursing student at the University of Vermont now! Her background: She had a temporary ileostomy fashioned on 9/11/09 and then a complete colectomy and permanent stoma made on 6/1/2010. She is feeling extremely well since her surgery in Nov. 2014, during which she had a small amount of small intestine removed and her stoma refashioned and moved to the other side of her stomach. She has had regular Remicade infusions every 8 weeks since then and these have kept her disease and symptoms under control. Her blood tests show no signs of inflammation, which is great news for her and for us. So, she's on her way to helping people just like herself! She's happy, healthy, and active!! Janet
  2. My first post - I had Crohn's Disease since college. Had one resection of the terminal ileum and ileo-cecal valve back in 1985, and finally a proctocolectomy with ileostomy in 1995. Knock on wood, been doing great since then. I've travelled all around the world with an ostomy and have not encountered any problems. I consider myself lucky. I've settled here in Seoul South Korea since 2004. I have not needed medical attention regarding my ostomy until now. It's not urgent, but I would like to consult with an Ostomy nurse. I'm having a heck of a time finding one here in Seoul, English speaking or not. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice to find one? After consulting with my doctor and nurses, it seems that ostomies must be pretty rare here in Korea.