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  1. The belt is a great suggestion.  I have used the belt on my daughter who is extremely heavy, plus I use Eakin Cohesive Ostomy Barrier Seal by Convatec.  I use it all the way around the stoma (you can stretch it into any shape you like) and it gets warmed just by the warmth of your hands.  It sticks to the flange like nobody's business and the pouch seems to stay put (I use the 2 part Hollister floating flange and pouch system).  I am also a newbie and am still trying any suggestion anyone out there has for just about any problem. Mother Roz
  2. Thanks for the tip.  No, I didn't use the hair dryer since I wasn't sure whether or not  you meant on the flange or the patient.  I have tried calamine lotion to dry my daughter's skin, and that seems to work.  Her skin is looking better and the flange seems to stick, so I guess I just use the dryer for my hair, but thanks for your interest and suggestion.  It means a lot to me that people care.
  3. I have used the products sent to me for my daughter (who is mentally handicapped) to dry the skin around the flange.  I have the "no sting prep" and the "stoma powder" to make a crust.  Guess what - it doesn't seem to work and her skin is irritated.  How do I dry the skin around the flange so that it sticks without irritation? Thanks, mother Roz