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  1. Ostomy shower guards in the UK?

     I realize I am a few months behind on this topic but my husband had a fistula caused by a tumor in colon that grabbed his bladder and his colon & bladder both burst from this.  We were finally able to coordinate our surgeon with an urologist to tackle this 9-10 hour surgery and we now have a permanent colostomy. Actually, this is temporary because we had to have a revised surgery to repair a dead stoma, a dying colon & we are awaiting an ileostomy as soon as he can live through another surgery. We had an ileostomy in 2012 that we had taken down but we have always used Saran Wrap to cover him. Since we don't know how long it will be before the next surgery, I haven't ordered anything permanent but there are belts, etc you can order. Since I don't know about his weight later on, we are using Saran Wrap until we eventually know what apparatus to order. Our 1st ostomy we knew would be taken down so we just wrapped up. Works very well.