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  1. Ostomy shower guards in the UK?

    Hi, that's handy. I have found as I am trying to change bags and flanges every two days - that a daily shower ends up tricky. Do you want an email to send a photo to? Send it to [email protected] Stephen  
  2. Reason For..

    Hi. First I am not a medical and so you must of course go on the more decisive interpretation of the medicals. This said, my own experience is that you ought to have tried all other options before going for an ileostomy for this purpose. I think sometimes they can jump the gun. But, if your symptoms are severe - you have to weigh the possible worst case situations such as blockage? ... against the difficulties which you will find with a stoma. I have had a stoma twice on a temporary basis in my life and it is not a plus. This said, the equipment has improved to handle a stoma since I first had one on a temporary basis as a child. So, get a really comprehensive view here; maybe a second opinion if this elective and non-urgent especially, in my view. In my view underlined. 
  3.   I have just been checking out the issue of ostomy shower guards in the UK. There is a useful article on the US Stomashield site. However the problem with US products is that they can often have hefty import duties attached. The US blue crown apron is one such product. Now - don't tell me to wrap a plastic sheet around it or a shower cap over it.... are there any specialised products like Blue Crown on the UK sites? Can anyone advise?