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  1. Alice please advise me as to who I can get advice from on this forum??

    I had written to you awhile back way, before my surgery and you answered one month after  my surgery,  realize that you are very busy I also contacted you a couple of weeks ago and have't  heard anything..... I realize how busy you must be and understand what wonderfull work you are doing and admire you for that !


  2. I have had my Stoma for 3 months.

    worried no output yesterday at all tiny output today no cramps

    what can I do to stimulate the stoma ?

    I heard one person suggested grape juice, another some red wine, what do you suggest?

    Much appreciated, very nervous


  3. Is there anyplace I can get vitamins that are liquid and gentle  enough for my ileostomy ?   Also what supplements are good, a low veggie and low fruit diet must need some supplements in order to stay healthy? Also someone told me about a gelatine that helps firm up the texture of the stools?  All I know is that it is kosher and works very well