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  1. Ostomyland on fb

    Found the answers to my questions in the "Help & Support" headings regarding the fb "closed group".
  2. Ostomyland on fb

    I have a question about Ostomyland on fb, which was suggested I join by someone on this site.  I surmise a lot of people here also belong to that fb group. My question is this:  If I post anything will other fb friends who know nothing about my iliostomy see those posts? Same question goes for if I comment on another's post, will my unenlightened fb friends see them? I have many "friends" who are nothing more than people I used to share coins with through games, whom I have never met, and are not personally involved in any way with my life. I think my question is one of not knowing how "closed" the group is.  
  3. Illiostomy hell

    I can't believe it, but here I go with my first post!  I'll be a 500 club member in no time, as soon as I learn how to navigate the site. chuckles A nurse at my cancer clinic used to be an "ostomy nurse" and she gave me the best advice ever... After putting on a new flange and bag, lay a heating pad over your ostomy for 15-20 min. So I went out and bought one the next day. It really improved the adheisiveness--- (new words to go with the new norm), and greatly reduced my leaking incidents. I bought a rather cheap model and it only has two settings: on or off,  but more expensive models have Hi, Med, Lo. Also, 2 months ago I used paste for the first time, (and for the life of me I can't understand why they call it paste).  It's more like play-doh, just like in the pictures Clare posted above. I think the gentle heating of the paste increased it's volume too, almost doubling or tripling it in size.  The first time I changed my apparatus after using it I was amazed.  My little shaped worm looked more like a big fat night crawler.   I've only had one leaking incident in the past 2 months!