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  1. Bag Changing

    I offer this suggestion to make bag changing a little easier. I'm sure many of you already do this. When I change my bag, I find it helpful to prepare items ready for the next change. I make any cuts required to the bag, and put this together with cleaning wipes,skin barrier wipes, and Eakin Rings into  the waste bag. I wrap it all up and keep it in a drawer. It's then ready to grab when needed. This is especially helpful when trying to contain a leak.   Alan (paganini)
  2. Does anyone know what the fluid is that comes from the base of a loop ileostomy. It finds its way easily under the Eakin Ring, causing a leak of the bag contents. It doesn't happen to me too often, but  some days I produce more of the fluid. Yesterday I had 3 bag changes which was disappointing after a period of doing so well. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with what I eat or drink. Has anyone any ideas or solutions, apart of course from surgery to change to an end ileostomy. 
  3. Many thanks for the Birthday wishes. I did have a great day with family. I thought I should relate recent ileostomy experiences, they may be helpful to others. My surgery was 4 years ago and bag changes have varied from 1 - 4 days. However a few weeks ago I started having lots of leaks and I was changing bags sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I have always viewed my stoma as something foreign and changed the bags quickly to cover it up. About 3 weeks ago I decided I must take a good look and I found that my belly around the stoma had changed shape and had a dip a third of the way round. I cut an Eakin ring in half, doubled one end over to copy the shape of the dip. I stuck that on and put a complete ring over the top, taking my time to make a good job. I have not had a leak since and the last 2 bag changes have been 6 days apart. Having a good look at my stoma brought it home to me that it isn't foreign, It's part of my small intestine which I have always had. So I have learned to like it, after all this arrangement has saved my life.   Best wishes to all   God bless Alan (paganini)