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  1. Use of Stomapaste

    Barry, do what works for you. If you don't want to use the paste don't use it. It might leak without it so be prepared for that. Trial and error is key to getting used to any stoma.  Cheryl
  2. New Ileostomy, 4 year old Colostomy

    Thank you. I'm still getting output out of the colostomy. Not a lot but some everyday for the last few days. I spoke with my colorectal surgeon and he said it was going to do that but he didn't say how long it would be doing it. I'm sure how ever long it takes to clear out that part of the intestines is how long it will happen. I'm still wearing a bag on it until it stops all together. Thanks for the info!!
  3. Hi all. I'm new to Ostomyland but not new to the ostomy world. I was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic rectal cancer spread to my liver, lungs and now my vagina. I had a colostomy placed in April 2014 and have not had any problems with the colostomy for years. I had abdominoperineal resection in November 2014. The surgeon removed my sigmoid colon, my rectum, and anus. This procedure saved my life. Although I have cursed the colostomy many, many times over the years I would gladly go back to the colostomy after having an ileostomy placed late last month. I had several leaks in my remaining colon and was leaking feces into my abdominal cavity and through a vaginal fistula. My colorectal surgeon is my hero because although he was skeptical that I could survive another surgery, he did perform the ileostomy surgery and again saved my life. This was done on January 30, 2018.  So the ileostomy is brand new and I am going through one hell of a learning curve with the ileostomy and leaking. I follow a low residue diet, and have tried several different products to try and prevent leaking. My skin is absolutely raw from replacing barriers. I cannot seem to find the magic solution to prevent leaking. My ileostomy wound is shaped like an eye. The actual ileostomy is small maybe the size of a 50 cent piece or smaller. The wound however is much larger with visible sutures on both ends. It hasn't healed and as many leaks as I have had I can't imagine it ever healing unless I get this leaking under control. I was a wizard with my colostomy, I had figured out a system and a one piece/no ring system was working beautifully. Tonight i tried yet another system for the ileostomy. Hopefully it works this time. I need my skin around the ileostomy to heal and the best way to do that is to stop having to peel off barriers several times a day to replace them with a new dry aparatus. Tonight, i took off yet another barrier because it had leaked and cleaned up the area and attempted to remove as much paste and old adhesive as possible. But like I said, my skin is so raw it burns to put any solution on it. But I grit my teeth and get as much off as possible. Then I put a nice layer of ostomy powder on the tender skin and in the ostomy wound to dry it as much as possible. I then took a hair dryer on low and at a safe distance to help dry the area. Thank goodness the ostomy didnt produce during this time so I was able to get it clean and dry. The next step is what I'm concerned about. I actually took stoma paste and put it into the wound around the ileostomy opening. I'm not certain that this is the smartest move in the world as I'm not sure how that is going to heal with ostomy paste in there. But at this point, I'm desperate. Then I took a wax ring and molded it to the shape of the entire wound and heated it and adhered that to my wound. Then I took more paste and plugged any holes visible. I left a hair dryer on it for approximately 15 minutes so that the paste and wax ring were only tacky to the touch. I then heated up the barrier adhesive backing and placed it over the ileostomy hole. I kept my hand over the barrier (with bag already attached so I didn't have to press down on the area and start the leaking process). Once i felt that the barrier adhesive was well warmed and attached properly i removed the backing for the outer adhesive film and attached that to my skin and again held my hand firmly on the whole system to insure a nice seal. I cannot tell at this point whether this whole process is going to be the magic cure for leaking yet. I can only hope. So my main concern is, am I causing any damage by putting the stoma paste into the wound around the ileostomy? Will it ever heal if this actually works and I continue to fill the area around the ileostomy with paste and then cover it with a wax ring? Also, since I have had the ileostomy my colostomy has shrunk to probably a third of the size that it was. Which I figured is what would happen because it's not being used any longer. But, I had quite a lot of output out of the colostomy today. It is formed stool whereas the ileostomy is mostly liquid. I just started taking lomotil to try and get ths small intestines to either slow down the output or to firm up the output. Do you think that the colostomy is just clearing out what was left in that part of the intestines? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help. Cheryl