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  1. Ostomysecrets

    So pleased you found some products that are useful for you Queensgirl. Ostomy Secrets has a superb reputation that is richly deserved. Can I also suggest UK firm Vanilla Blush which ships internationally and has a physical shop in... um... Edinburgh I think - I can't remember now lol. They have won umpteen awards and deservedly so.  Anyways their website is at and they have a Facebook page at PS I just saw the shop is actually in Glasgow. PPS Enjoy your trip away! Let us all know how you get on.
  2. Beta Readers for New Ostomate Tip Guide

    Well as it's basically a proof reading stage and currently non profit making I'm OK with this request and wish you luck with the final product.   However, on the commercial side of things (as Laurence correctly picked up on) if this were a post to sell the final published product I'd likely remove it (especially if permission hadn't been sought first) as it's not a non-bias recommendation for it which I feel is important and something I've always tried to make Ostomyland.  I do have one suggestion about your guide speaking as someone who did their own Ostomy lifestyle guide from the pages of Content on the Ostomyland main website, make sure you have permission to use any images before putting them into a product you intend to make money from. Whilst it's not happened to me as I sought written permission from the relevant companies I have seen friends end up in legal trouble for not seeking permission first or not paying for the stock photo rights. Whilst an apology sufficed it still cost legal fees for the letters to be sent to sought the problem out. Ouch. Anyways best of luck with it Meemie.
  3. Hello everyone, I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays period. Have a great time and I hope Santa pays you a visit and brings you the gifts you want.  2016 will almost be here too so I hope you all have a very happy and healthy-as-can-be new year too and that 2016 brings you everything you wish for.  Best wishes to you all and Merry Christmas!  Jason (Admin/Founder, Ostomyland).
  4. 12 years I have had enough

    Sorry to hear you're having a bad time. Is it purely your stoma causing the problems or other health problems too? 
  5. If there's one thing I know many of our members have missed since the community software was upgraded to the new IP.Board 4.0 is the front page welcome block with the photos and the quick links to posting new topics, quick access to topics you started and quick access to topics you've replied to. The feature works exactly the same way as in the old v3.x community forums so hopefully everyone can slip back into using it just as before. I hope you all enjoy the new update (old update lol) to the site. Sorry it's taken so long but it's taken a long time for it to get upgraded due to the fact the original mod creator abandoned the project and despite a large outcry of fans wanting to see someone take it on again it's taken many months for someone to take it over. But they have, and a big thank you to IPB modder =RAW= for taking it on.
  6. Happy World Ostomy Day 2015 to all our members. I hope you have a great weekend!
  7. The Invision Power folks have made a slight change to the login procedure for IPSuite4. This will only affect people who login via their account "username" and use a different display name.  With immediate effect the forums will let people login with either their: display name and password combination registered email address and passwordFacebook Connect buttonTwitter Connect buttonYou can no longer login using a "username" and password. However, for most people their username and display names are the same things so it should not cause too much trouble for poeple.  Should you have any problems logging in please let me know and I'll do my best to help you. You can contact me via my email address: [email protected] - please make sure you include all the information you can such as username and registered email address so I can help you.  
  8. Playing with the new IPB4. Getting used to the new features and admin panel. My opinion so far... loving it!

  9. Woot! Yay! Woo hoo etc etc!    After an eternal wait IP.Board 4 is finally available and I've got the software on my computer as I type. I just need to backup everything and install the new board. I'm not going to do it today but I'm going to have a go this week most probably.This means the forums will be disabled and offline whilst all this work is being done. Hopefully it should not be down anymore than a few hours.    As you probably know, we have used a lot of third party modifications to IP.Board over the years to get it to look just how I want it. Well, all these will have to be disabled for when the installation is performed, and very few of these mods are currently available for IPB4. However, the forums have quite a few of the big mods features built into the software already, so I can take my time and play with the board (as we all can) and see how things go.  The new forums have a much more up to date look that is specifically designed to work well on tablets and mobile phones and has a much more social media look to it whilst retaining all the benefits of a forums environment. Believe me, the changes in the mobile department are huge. I'm the first to admit that the mobile features of IP.board 3 are atrocious and years out of date so I'm really excited to get these mobile features on the forums ASAP so that I can try and help the forums stand up better to the Facebook revolution.    For a peek at what's coming check out the Invision Power community forums at:    It's exciting stuff!  [waver]  [thumbs_up]   Take care everyone.    Jason.
  10. Charlene is off to college!

    Hi Janet.    That is such wonderful news. Your blog's name is perfect as this certainly has been a journey for Charlene. She's grown into a beautiful young woman with the rest of her life ahead of her and you must be so very, very proud. I know I would be, and to be honest even though we've never met the fact that I've followed her journey through your blog postings and PMs over the years then I cant help but be proud for her too. So please give Charlene my very best wishes and heartiest congratulations. 15th in her class is just an amazing achievement what with all she's had going on.    Way to go Charlene! Love and hugs to you both, and as always thanks for sharing Charlene's journey with us. :) 
  11. The following problems with outgoing emails has been fixed. However, it is not possible to resend validation emails to the people who registered but did not receive their clicky link. Therefore, please contact me with your username and I'll validate your account for you. All future member sign ups will now receive their validation emails as per normal, and the notification emails for topic updates and messages is working once again. Sorry for the downtime with this problem.    ----------------------------------------------------------------------   Hi gang,    I am currently aware of an issue with account validation emails not being sent out, and I've ticketed IPS to see if they can help with this as I've been unable to resolve the issue myself. This issue seems to be affecting all out-going emails from the forums so that includes message notifications and topic updates notifications. I'll update this when more information is available.    In the meantime, to have your account validated immediately you can use the Facebook Connect option at registration as that by-passes validation because the email address has already been validated by Facebook themselves. Alternatively, if you need a regular account validating please email me your username FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU ARE TRYING TO VALIDATE and I'll validate the account for you.   Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!   Jason. 
  12. I'm delighted to announce that the Ostomyland website and it's associated forum(s), social network accounts have once again been certified as a HONcode approved member for 2015/2016. The Health on the Net code is a series of principles that I sign the site up to following and have to prove the site complies with during an annual review. Successful website get to display the confirmation certificate - which is located in the footer of the main site pages - and clicking on it brings up full details of the site reviews and how it complies with the code. I'm very proud that we have once again met all the principles as we were the first - and i think we are still the only ostomy support site run by ostomates themselves that have achieved this. You can read more on the HONcode at the Health on the Net Foundation website as well as being able to check out our entry in their Med Hunt service. Alternatively check out the footer on every page of the Ostomyland website for lots more information on the scheme, our compliance and our shiny new certificate.
  13. Applying the EZ vent to my pouch

    I remember when I trialed them that they said you got best results by cutting a small square out of the fabric cover for easier access to the plastic, then carefully use a pair of scissors to poke a hole in the front side of the bag's plastic. Then apply the vent over the small hole. Im not sure about the vaccum effect either. Is there anything on the company's website or anything about that? Most odd. Anyways, I hope the vent works well for you. It certainly has a lot of potential. You could also try poking your fingers in the pouch and wiggling them about a bit before applying it to the base plate or your skin so that you break the static seal that pouches can sometimes develop during the manufacturing process. 
  14. Ez vent

    Would love to hear what you think of them. I gave them a try last year and found them very good so long as your poo wasn't too paste like as then the hole filled up just the same. For people who use pouches without filters, or one piece pouches, then being able to let the air out is a big thing.    Let us know how you get on! I'm sure the company would be interested in what you think too.
  15. I'm very happy to say that the Ostomyland Facebook group has now reopened with lots of our active members sending join requests within the first 24 hours of relaunch. The whole experience has been very traumatic both externally and internally. I would like to think we've learnt from it though with a change in procedure in terms of rules and accessability of them and group announcements being introduced. We've also increased the number of Admins including introducing one from the USA and a second from over the pond will be joining the gang soon. Hopefully this will be the last we will ever have such a situation arises again and at the moment the group is busy and going well. Now I just need Invision to bring IP.board 4 out so I can hopefully give the forums a boost in its software so it can better compete with Facebook in general. Fingers crossed.