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  1. Well it's Christmas 2017 and once again a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the ostomates everywhere!
  2. Use of Stomapaste

    Hi Barry, I'm not experienced in what you are going through but I hope things are well for you? In the videos your watching have you tried doing things their way and most importantly did they work better for your? Have you told the nurses about your experience? Did they explain why you should do it with the paste?
  3. Alice please advise me as to who I can get advice from on this forum??

    I had written to you awhile back way, before my surgery and you answered one month after  my surgery,  realize that you are very busy I also contacted you a couple of weeks ago and have't  heard anything..... I realize how busy you must be and understand what wonderfull work you are doing and admire you for that !


  4. I have had my Stoma for 3 months.

    worried no output yesterday at all tiny output today no cramps

    what can I do to stimulate the stoma ?

    I heard one person suggested grape juice, another some red wine, what do you suggest?

    Much appreciated, very nervous


  5. Hi AV,

    Thinking of you and hope you are doing well.

  6. Hey there my sweet friend, I'm thinking of you and praying you and your family are doing well.

  7. Happy Birthday Jerseygirl! Hope you having a wonderful day. Come back and visit sometime soon .:birthday1:

  8. Healing completed

    What a great update. So glad you are doing well. It is great to know you will be sticking around to help others.
  9. Thinking of you and hoping you are well~

  10. Oh my goodness, Sorry to be here so late in the game? How are you doing? Was it a blockage? Did you go to hospital?
  11. Love the ALP Global Sure Seal Rings, I don't leave home without them!
  12. Illiostomy hell

    Hey Carol, Just wanted to note that some folks use a hair dryer to add some heat to their appliance to help it adhere. Low setting of course and move the dryer about, don't leave it on one spot long b/c it could become to warm and that wouldn't be good.
  13. Hi Alice I popped in but its fairly quiet around O'land and you seem to be awol too lol. Just wanted to say hello and let you know I think about you often. God bless. x

    1. Alice


      So sorry to have missed out on your company. I am here every now and again. I think of you and yours and wish you all well. May He keep you close to Him.

    2. Alice


      Sure would be great to connect with you. Hope all is well in your beautiful country. I miss all the folks who were here back when I first joined. Seems very few are still active.

      Thinking of you and your family, my how they must be grown! PDT_Love_07

  14. I want my six-pack back

    This is the only exercises I've found to help strengthen our bellies:
  15. Closed ostomy pouches

    Hi Queensgirl, I agree with rinsing the pouch out, I use a water bottle for awhile, then recycle it as needed. Sometimes I add a very small drop of soap when things don't flush out on it's own. I have also used hydrogen peroxide too. As far as drainable pouches I use to use the ones with the clips, ugh, i would sometimes accidentally drop the clip in the toilet and then if I didn't have a spare I was in trouble. I use the ones with a velcro closure.Coloplast makes them.  It is a two piece system as I can change the pouch as needed and still keep  the flange on if all is well. The first fold has no velcro but the second has a big strip and two overlaping side closures that have never come away. If that wasn't enough then you can tuck it all into the soft covering on the pouch too,When your draining you can secure the flap to the back of the opening so it doesn't get in the way. If you call or go to a manufacturers website you can get free samples to try out and see what you think. Placing some toilet tissue in the bowl is a great idea to keep the splashing down to minimum,  and don't use the whole bottle of water in one shot, pour some in and rub your pouch sides to help the water work the mess out. Once it is empty use a wipe to clean the opening then dry it and fold it all back up. Best of luck and keep asking questions!