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  1. Easter Theme Now Activated

    Just lovely. Thanks Jason.
  2. So true, so true. Thank you guys.
  3. All the sample groups, except those set up by specific pre-launch testers, seem to have vanished? Is this just an iPad thing or were they never intended to stay after the test period (or am I just not looking hard enough)?
  4. We have hit 90,000 posts!

    That will be worth some kind of award! Amazing! Perhaps the person who does the 100,000th post can get a signature stamp or something? Now I'm getting all nostalgic as I remember when I was a kid sometimes shops stopped someone as they were going in and told them they were the millionth customer or something (how on earth did they know?) and gave them a prize like a two minute free shopping trolley dash or something.
  5. Yeah, I meant to say that Jason and Kathy both deserve to win a prize. Sorry, Kathy.
  6. Yay for us!!!! Shame you didn't get more nominations, Jason. You certainly deserve to win a prize.
  7. I play eternal lands when I can get the use of the laptop ........... too much time on that to even consider another game. I did take a look at the Minecraft but I just don't think its for me. Sorry ,.........
  8. No rush, Jason. I was you I was concerned about.
  9. I'm guessing things are difficult at home for Jason, right now? It's unusual not to have seen a post from him for such a long time. I hope you're ok and things aren't too bad, Jason. I see that several groups have been set up, but are not yet active.
  10. It would certainly be nice to be able to find people living near enough to meet for coffee and just make a friend who understands the issues we are living with.
  11. Go on then ........ I'll have a shot at it. How about a group for people who had to get their stoma for unexpected reasons, eg child birth, abcess / fistula development. No reason why people with various types of bowel conditions more usually associated with stoma creation couldn't join in too, of course. Don't know what the group would be called though. Also, how about a group for people hoping for, preparing for and recovering from reversal? I have personal experience of both these.
  12. Come on people! Lets get a few more nominations logged before the deadline ..............
  13. I have also done a separate nomination for Jason, under volunteers. Yay for Jason!!