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  1. I take a multi-vite by VITAFUSION (lower case letters on the bottle), they are chewable and relatively additive free.  I also get OTC magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin B12 and B-complex. I chew these up with the multivits, everything but the B-complex which I take with my oatmeal.  Vanilla flavored almond milk is very good and bananas are an excellent source of potassium.  These things don't have to be really gentle for an ileo. after the initial healing,  It's not as bad as it seems. Smoothies are a way to get around the hard course fibrous veggies, or as I do, just chew  to a rediculous amount, until there is nothing left to chew.  Smoothies at first.   Try out stuff in small amounts at first until you know what you can tolerate.
  2. I want my six-pack back

    Thanks for the advice, I'll stay away from that,  a six pack would be nice but it'll be 5 12's and a 40, and well insulated.
  3. I want my six-pack back

    Good luck with that and let me know if you get results.  About 10 years ago I used to balance at about the top pelvis area, front, back, and both sides for as long as I could stand it about 4 times a week for a few years.  I got a strong core but you couldn't tell it by looking at me.  I  just started a routine with bicycle inner tubes for shoulder exercises.  They're fastened to opposing walls about 9 feet apart so I'm getting a side effect of core benefits.  I still have a spare tire if I break one.
  4. Illiostomy hell

    Is it a prolapse or does it just look longer when it contracting and the muscles are flexing (peristalsis). Mine is at least 1 1/2 inches out and has been for decades.  It's well anchored.  If yours is prolapsed you can push it back in, but if it is a permanent end ileo it should be anchored to the membrane.  If it's a loop ileo it can probably prolapse back and forth. If you don't know which you have you can call your surgeon or call the hospital and ask for a copy or the surgical transcript and it should have that info in it.  There might be a small charge for the report.  It's the dictation a surgeon gives at the conclusion of an operation.
  5. Illiostomy hell

    Mike, I personally like the 16 inch pouch, there is plenty of room, but I have to burp it.  I've never tried the EZ vent after market vents that you can put on the bag, I think it's an option but I think it still has to be opened manually.  My pouch hangs about to the bottom of my pants pocket.  I gave up long ago trying to convince myself I didn't have an unusual bulge on my side.  When I was wearing 8 inch pouches the closure was always jabbing my right testicle.  I can honestly say I really don't miss that. Clare.
  6. Illiostomy hell

    I use the Hollister centerpoint lock system.  It's a little larger and bulkier than other setups.  By larger and bulkier I mean the ring of the two piece tupperware ring is not as discreet as other setups.  I also use a latex adhesive that is a "brush on" type that comes in a can.  I put this on around the stoma, it has to dry for 4 or 5 minutes.  I find it really bonds and protects the skin, but it's not for everyone.  It was the stuff I was given way back when, and have tried the out of the box wafers and I like the combination of products for my personal preference.  One really important thing is to get the area around the stoma really free of oily residue.  The last wipe and dry that I do is with isopropyl alcohol and a dry cloth.  It's a hard learning curve at first.  There are a lot of failures but pretty soon you will fail better until you succeed.    Good luck.
  7. Illiostomy hell

    Wafer is just another term for flange, the waxy like substance that adheres to your skin next to the stoma.  I haven't used a one piece since being released from the hospital after surgery, when they showed me the two piece durable rubber flange and liquid adhesive that was the system they knew about then where I was.  The barrier sheets are the same material as the eakin rings they are just in a 4x4 or larger squares.  I cut them up in strips and roll them in to worms like play doo and then stick them to the back of the flange in a shape that will mirror the wrinkles and folds in my belly. Here's a three pictures of what I do.  Some of this barrier material is almost and 1/2 inch high by the time I get done.  I hope this helps.  I also warm this up with a hair dryer to taper the barrier material down to the wafer out the outside edges towards the tape.  And I heat the this up before I put it on, just so it's good and warm to the touch in both cases. After I have put on the appliance and press it down for a minute or so, I use karaya paste between the edge of the hole in the appliance and the stoma to protect the skin right next to the stoma. That's why I like the two piece, and I can renew the karaya paste everyday when I start my day.  This is Hollister karaya paste and not the sticky stuff from coloplast.  I realize this can't be done with a one piece.  After figuring all this out in the early months,  I now go a week between changing the flange,  I don't remember the last time I had a flange leak, and I've only had about 3 tupperware seal failures in the last year and usually less than that.  I think I wasn't careful when I rolled over in bed on those occasions.  I hope this helps.  Glad to help anyway I can.
  8. Swallowed Gum

    Hey Cam, was it like a two pack lump of gum? or a one stick?  Shouldn't be a problem.  Hope things are going well for ya, I'm just starting to get used to coming to this site again. 
  9. Illiostomy hell

    My ileo is from having ulcerative colitis in my twenties, and I had to have my colon removed in an emergency surgery.  The products that are available now are far more varied than anything I was aware of back it the 70's.  It takes a while to find your personal system but after a while a person figures it out.  I use eakin barrier sheets to mold filler material to go on the back of my wafer.  It's a convatec product, I use Hollister wafers and pouches.  Call around for free samples from the manufacturers and suppliers.  They are more than happy to send a few samples to potential customers.  
  10. Illiostomy hell

    See if you can find the largest bags you can.  I wear a two piece with a 16" pouch which bottoms out about the bottom of my pants pockets, but there's plenty of storage and if I let it get over full I can't blame anything but pushing my luck and not taking care of business.  I've been 40 years with an ileostomy so I've had plenty of time to learn the lessons.  One thing about this outfit, when the dues come due you pay them one way or the other.  Good luck finding a solution and hang in there.
  11. Illiostomy hell

    I don't know if you have been on youtube and entered "ostomy", but if you haven't yet, do so.  There are a lot of good videos there about all sorts of products and methods that are done by ostomates, company reps. and medicos.  There are plenty of products and ways to solve problems.  Here's one of the very first things that I used, in fact it was a part of the old fashioned equipment.  I don't know if it's going to post but it is and appliance belt that hooks to the pouch of a two piece and holds things against you body.  Also make sure there is no oil type products as the last prep before applying a new flange. I tried to post a picture of the type of belt I was talking about but it's on a tiff file and this would not let me copy and paste.  
  12. Plastic nozzle chafing

    That's a good question, I don't have a urostomy, I have an ileostomy but I've had to adapt some things to get around problems.  You could try getting a baby bib to hang on the appliance or fashion a belt for it and wear it between your body and the pouch.  I lot of people make or buy cloth pouch covers that help as a cushion between the pouch and skin.  Good luck finding a solution and welcome to the site.   I also recommend going on youtube and entering "ostomy" and surfing the videos there for ideas on how to deal with various problems, there are tons of videos there.
  13. Got a date for my fecal transplant

    That must have been awkward to ask someone on a date to go for a fecal transplant.  Good for you!  
  14. farting

    You handle it, you don't have a choice. Or, you can get a fart blaming "service dog".