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  1. Hi AV,

    Thinking of you and hope you are doing well.

  2. i am only meaning taking the bag off cleaning and drying my skin and putting another bag on. does take time later to do the cleaning.
  3. It takes me 10 mintes unless it wants to do its thing while changing if skin is bad longer by the time i put on creams durderm dressings can be 1/2 hour
  4. Same it wasn't 1000 in here  i am afraid i can't keep up with everything in face book unless you spend a hour scrolling down to follow a person you were following to see if they are ok       
  5. To Kay's friends

    Sorry to hear about Kay my she rest in peace and my thoughts go out to her family at this sad time for them
  6. Thank you so much for letting us back on only even if it is to say our good byes from this most wonderfull site.I am so sorry that you have had a to hell  and back 2 weeks so sad to hear when you have been such a careing wonderfull person setting up o/land Thanks again from the whole of my heart  
  7. Happy new year Trekkie hope you have a better year this year than last year  Big hug Be buggared if i can find the badge lol
  8. Adhesions?

    Whats happened to Sarha and Kathy miss seeing them they did such great team work with Trekkie Hi Nova happy newyear hope it is a beaut one for you
  9. I raise my glass to you Jason merry christmas to you and mum
  10. Yes i got that error message to  it hates us in nz lol and i didnt get it in my e-mail either never mind want lose any sleep over it
  11. Ripped skin!

    Hello, Have you tried  remove wipes as you gently push down on your skin as you take it of you wipe it with the remove wipe i find that helps alot.Sometimes my skin tears so i put a DuoDerm extra thin dressing on before my flange it helps it to heal
  12. I don't mid losing things there is till plenty to read and chat and games you do a terrific job trekkie
  13. So pleased to here it all went good will be waiting to see photos and names to photos hopefully
  14. Thanks so much for this Jason my dad was aged 17 when he went to war in the british armed forces he was in a scotish regiment he fought from 1943 till it ened he has told me some horrible storries about  his happenings. Here in nz the you never hear them mention the british only australian and nz. So you have made me very happy to see this