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  • Interests I am a single mum of three wonderful children. They are aged 14 (twins) and 8.
    I have only been diagnosed with crohns since 7th sept 2011 when I underwent emergency surgery, (and awoke with an ileostomy!). I had suffered since age 12ish with bowel probs.
    But it is GREAT to be alive!!!!.

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  1. Hi Alice I popped in but its fairly quiet around O'land and you seem to be awol too lol. Just wanted to say hello and let you know I think about you often. God bless. x

    1. Alice


      So sorry to have missed out on your company. I am here every now and again. I think of you and yours and wish you all well. May He keep you close to Him.

    2. Alice


      Sure would be great to connect with you. Hope all is well in your beautiful country. I miss all the folks who were here back when I first joined. Seems very few are still active.

      Thinking of you and your family, my how they must be grown! PDT_Love_07

  2. I never find anyone in there! Though I admit I haven't looked in a while
  3. Its definitely taken a hit of late eh guys, I agree @Clare Bryant, its a site with huge amount of experience and loving support to offer. I just read a post from one who thought the site was gone, maybe overtime, others will stumble back onto the wonderful O'land
  4. Itch

    Just make sure that there is no "thrush/candida" problem there. It can be an issue, also you don't say if the itch is immediate or after a few days. It might be that there is a beginning of a leak? OR maybe you have an allergy to one of the components in the flange or seal. Hope I'm not preaching to the choir I hope it resolves @zephglad, as I know how annoying it is to have the itch (which for me was that I needed to change my bag on about the 3rd day)
  5. To Kay's friends

    Oh what a shock! I'm so sorry to hear of this lovely ladies passing. Until we meet again Kay x
  6. Thank you @Trekkie Monster, I see you fixed my quote thing too   As to what you and Alice are talking about, I have no idea (that's a deer with no eyes  )   Thank you anyway 
  7.   Excuse the pun    Second quote didn't show as a quote  ruined my pun   [fixed by admin]
  8. Spiritual Music

    Very nice Alyce (why is it Y sometimes and I at others Ms Aly(i)ce ?)
  9. Is there to be a 'Paypal" thingy so we can have the chance to contribute Jason :) ?

    1. Alice


      :) that would be nice!
    2. Trekkie Monster

      Trekkie Monster

      When the forums are due for renewal, probably, yes. Depends on my finances. :)

  10. So whats going on then?

    The sense of grief about the loss of O'land has been quite shocking to me Jason. It has shown me afresh how very important O'land is. Its far different to the FB group,this is a  a great site, unique and loved. Again Jason I thank you for what you have done in setting this place up, and I ask you to keep it going if it is posssible. I understand you have things going on that we dont know about, but I still hope that O'land can survive this for the sake of all those who need the love and support that O;land gives Nic
  11. Adhesions?

    Great article, I will re read it later too! As to the original post being old, I think there are some great old posts that are still relevant for today, and are great to bring back to attention! 
  12.   Its a worrying season for an animal that has the word "ham" in its name   
  13. Adhesions?

    Yes Av, I wondered that. I PM'd Kathy, but she hasn't replied. I hope that they are both well. (also that Big G is well!) Happy new year Nova 
  14. Happy 2014, good health and happiness to you all :)

    1. Trekkie Monster

      Trekkie Monster

      Same to your nic. Happy New Year!

  15. Happy 2014, good health and happiness to you all :)

    1. loisw


      I'll second that motion.

    2. loisw


      p.s. Better picture. lol