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  1. Undrinkable water

    I agree with clair
  2. hello all hope we are all leak free todau.

    1. Alice


      Hey There Mark....doing well, hope you are too! So good to see you posting!

  3. heat rash under base sucks

    1. loisw


      Oh ya. I can only imagine what it feels like. ss

    2. Nancy


      yes it does Mark, I get the rash in the summer too....

  4. Hot sunny under gazebo reading ostomyland a relaxing sunday.

  5. Hot sunny under gazebo reading ostomyland a relaxing sunday.

  6. So whats going on then?

    Very well said Av. My wish is that somehow things will change before the site is shut down. This has been the best site and group I have found to help me with my journey of life with an ostomy and the knowledge base contained is unsurpassed. And unlike facebook you can access information from way back. I hope your health is on the improve Jason.
  7. all charged for another week

  8. all charged for another week

  9. take each day as it comes

    1. av_nz


      Good advice Mark

  10. Maybe the sponsor could have its own social croup to keep them happy and the rest of the site go on as normal as they are saring they would not interfere in current opperations. Just my 2c worth.
  11. weight back to where I was six weeks ago.six weeks to gain two kg and one week to loose it.

    1. Nicola.from.NZ


      Wish I could loose it so easily Mark :). Hope you are well my friend :)

  12. I hate 4am bag changes and acidic burns :'(

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    2. Clare Bryant

      Clare Bryant

      What is your favorite time for such things? Can't you just leave it for the day shift?

    3. Nicola.from.NZ


      Yes its one of the more delightful times to require emergency action!. I hope the night time temps are kind Mark, its bloomin cold here at 4am!!!

    4. loisw


      I refuse to change it at 4 am unless it's ready explode. If it's almost full, I just pray that I don't have much more output til the morning.