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  1. Christy Ortegon

    1st Welcome to Ostomyland.  Sorry so much seems to be hitting you at once. Rest assure you have come to the right place. You can ask any question you want and also feel free to vent.  Believe me it helps to do both.  Take a deep breath and hold on because the ride for going thru cancer and its treatment and having someone walk away when you need them most is hard BUT you have to believe you WILL GET THRU THIS.  lostsoul
  2. Ostomysecrets

    Thanks, good to know
  3. Question, Are you a ostomate?  
  4. To bag or not to bag

    First, Welcome to OLand. Sorry for your difficulty. I assume u have tried various dosages of Imodium as in not following directions on the box but taking it as your body dictate. Maybe even taking 1 pill and cutting it into 3. Could be yr system is sensitive now and it only needs just a tiny bit of help. The fact that you are either at one extreme or the other gives hope, my opinion anyway. Its worth a try. Takes notes also as to how much Imodium you take as well as the food you are eating. Write everything down to see if there is a pattern going on that might be causing you problems. Going to permanent is such a big step. I encourage you to tweak, tweak and then tweak some more. Wishing you the best, lostsoul
  5. Nursing Student with Questions

    Laurence, You are right  there is more going on. It's called LIFE!. If it was perfect in every other aspect I would still feel the same way about having a stoma.  Everyone is different and each one of us handles things differently. I hate it but don't dwell on it. Your low can be my high and my high can be your low. We all wear different shoe sizes. I agree this site is a God send. Without it I would not have learned about irrigation and that you are not alone.  You can comment, read, learn, share, laugh, cry and vent freely. Wishing you well in life journey.    
  6. Nursing Student with Questions

    Dear Student, Glad you are learning about colostomy. In my many times of being in the hospital it really is a shame that so many nurses were lacking in knowledge  of ostomies. And I would think how can that be and you are a nurse? Some people appear to be able to pick up the pieces and get on with their lives after having this life changing procedure. I had a extremely hard time dealing with it. Not that I am not thankful to be alive because I am. I just do not want this, nobody does.  But I hate this beyond anything I can describe to you. Everything changed that day and I can not get it back. Bitter, yes. Angry, yes. Sad, yes. Not everyday, not all day. Periods of awful emotions overwhelm at various times. I go in a room and cry and try to let it out so that I can continue to function. After 10 years you would think it should be behind me. NOT. Every day that I handle the care of my stoma is a reminder that this part of my life SUCKS! Much much more work/study should be done to help with the emotional aspect of cancer and other life changing situations.Pills for depression are helpful but so much more is needed. Honest emotion is what I gave. Hope it helps.