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  1. @ Alice, did you find anything interesting that we spoke of?
  2. To Kay's friends

    I am so sorry to read this. Very sad.... I don't think I knew Kay however may she rest in peace.
  3. wonderful to see Oland back..... Jason ((((((())))))
  4. Jason's Dad

    I am very sorry Jason . You were a good son to your dad. The picture is lovely of your parents and you, Hugs, Nancy
  5. Sorry your not feeling well.... Hope you get some answers soon... xo
  6. Thank you thank you......
  7. Snow Day

    Your baby is precious. Love the hat and the snowman with carrot is perfect. Why not have a lazy day. Take it while you can get it... Is Nanna going to take care of baby while your in the hospital? Enjoy your beer and pizza. Your i think 5 hrs ahead of the states so you probably had the beer and pizza. Hope you enjoyed every sip and bite, Nancy
  8. I posted and it must be lost so i will post again. Sue, go for a second opinion. I know you live in Or but Anderson in Texas is not that far from you. Dana Farber is Boston is where i was treated and i loved it there and miss the excellent care i got when i was there.. It's just opinion Sue but it sounds like the Dr's are sticking together and i wonder if any one of them have actually reviewed your case and looked at the scans? I have lost faith in the medical field myself. I see one more urologist next week here in Michigan and if i don't get a satisfying answer i am back to Dana Farber and Brigham and Womens in Boston. Yes, it is a huge decision so far from home but i am so unhappy with the Drs here as my bladder problem has been going on for a year... It is our lives we are talking about.... It won't hurt to call Anderson. I say Anderson in Texas because 2 of my friends went there for cancer and were very happy.... Good luck. Love, Nancy xo
  9. A huge thank you for being you and O'land..... I agree with fishy i would be lost without you. As i have said many times before i have learned more from O'land than any medical person. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough for Jason, Kathy and Sarah. If i win the lottery everyone on O'land is having a huge celebration in the USA. I meant it..... no joking. Happy New Year to each and every member and may each one of us have a healthy 2013. Love, Nancy xo
  10. fell off my bed

    Thank God you were not hurt..... no hospital....... When you stop and think about it it is easy to fall off the side of a bed.... if your clothes are a bit slippery and your bed sheets or cover are your butt is going to slide little by little... it has happened to me but i caught myself just before i landed on the floor..... Glad your okay and i didn't laugh when i read your post.... maybe a giggle.
  11. Xmas

    Merry Christmas and a very healthy New year to you..... xxxxxxooooo