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  1. Illiostomy hell

    Hello Closesu, Sounds like you're in a mess, nothing more demoralising than leaks. My humble suggestion is have a really good look at your stoma, standing up, sitting down, bending over, then take note of where your creases appear in the different postures. Whatever pouch you chose you've got to get it to stick. Inspect your surrounding skin, have you a hairy tum ?  The mould rings DO work, probably you're not using them properly, their purpose is to smooth out the bumpy bits, fill in the crevices and form a tight seal.  Tear them apart, roll it round into a sausage shape, the aim being to make a collar up close to your stoma to help your pouch stick. When you know your tummy creases, fill them with the play doh too. Bear in mind when you first put on your pouch, you are not going to be in that position all day, we all move around, standing, stretching, lying down, sitting up, the pouch and  a good seal can cope with all the movement. Get the seal right and the pouch will cope with whatever output you have. Hope this is of some help, keep your chin up.  
  2. [thumbs_up]Well done ladies, best of luck to you both on your new responsibility.
  3. Best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery Avalon, my heartfelt thoughts are with you.