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  1. Hey there my sweet friend, I'm thinking of you and praying you and your family are doing well.

  2. I got in but was an hour late and no one in lol, didnt realise uk had done their clocks
  3. Its a shame they have to be in competition and not complementing each other
  4. To Kay's friends

    I am sorry to hear of kays passing,
  5. Hello and welcome. The surgery is a personal choice, they cant make you have it, all they can do is advise
  6. haha they are so funny, mine is Fuzzleflipper Frankenbutt lol
  7. New: Ostomy Trades forum.

    Good job Jason,I think its  agreat idea
  8. welcome home Av, take care and heal well
  9. Good luck Av, hope to see you back soon
  10. Taking "Annual Leave"

    Dont work too hard, hope it goes well
  11. Happy Birthday Kaffy Monster

    Happy birthday kathy, hope you have a great day
  12. granulomas

    I bought myself a silver nitrate pencil, was easy just to dot them myself when one grew, I did check with my doc first that it was ok for me to use it. Dont be tempted to do it over and over thinking its not worked, I did that on a spot on my husbands leg - oooh ouchie, it was sore
  13. Happy Birthday Jason!

    Happy Birthday Jason
  14. Why so many Hernias

    I have had my ostomy 20 years and never had one so no it wont neccessarily happen, I feel very lucky not to have had one because they so sound very painful