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  1. Great work Jason, you do work hard to keep this going...A very Big Thankyou from downunder
  2. Jason's Dad

    Jason, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts and Love go out to you and your Mum,   Take care   Aussie Love and Hugs   Elaine
  3. Happy Birthday x

    1. Elaine


      Thank You Kathy, I have had a lovely day, Hoping that you and Big G are both well

  4. Jason, thank you soo much for wonderful site, as a carer for my husband Biil and after he was in hospital for 7 months when he came home I was really flying blind until one of your Marion set me up on O'Land, with your support of O'land and Marion we (Bill and I) have survived the last 5 years Thank You Jason to you and your team, you really do work vefry hard to keep the board running so well Elaine
  5. Happy Birthday, Hope you have/had a good day! Its only 9am here, but its prolly nearly over for you already. :D

  6. What a great you all had, so pleased that it all went well, Oh how I wish that i could have been there!! Elaine
  7. Kathy, thank you soo much, I have had a lovely day, and this was such a suprise, you are far to busy with Big G and his problems to think of me, Thank you soo much

    Love and Hugs...Elaine

  8. Happy Birthday!! xx

  9. Congratulations Jason and Kathy that is great news you really deserve this aussie Hugs and love....Elaine
  10. Congratulations again Lizzy, can't wait to see the "Bag" Aussie Hugs and Love.......Elaine
  11. Music Festiva Help Please!!:)

    Hi Barry, I am carer to my husband Bill, ( I look after his stoma and bags) he uses a one piece drainable bag, and unless he gets a blowout or a leak at the side (which is not very often now) I change his bag about every 3 days, a lot of members on the board use 2 piece bags very successfully and I am quite sure they will also offer you some good advice Aussie Hugs and Love.......Elaine
  12. Lizzy, way to go, Aloe Vera juice yum.... is just so good for you....Thank you for reminding me, I must get some for Bill aussie Hugs and Love
  13. I did a lot of googling over the weekend, and yes we have a Stoma Assoc. BUT from what I can gather, as I first thought (and was told in Sydney) there is no special coarses only seminar type things, there are a lot of scholarships being offered for our Rns to win for the Stoma courses in the Usa we all feel a bit let down as I think this is such a specialist thing I don 't doubt the ones in Capital cities and Larger hospitals are good I know Bill had an excellent girl at RPA. it is just a pity that we don't see it fit to make this a specialist side of nursing Hoping that you are having a good night.... Aussie Hugs and Love
  14. Our St nurses are registered nurses, but what I have been told not a lot of training after, only what they learnt in training suppliers offer a bit to them, but it is not essential and there is definatelynot a 12month course or two year like with Midwifery and what you have over there, But then again we are uʍop ǝpısdn and I guess one day when enough people complain they will do something,
  15. The worst of here is that in America you have to be a specially trained S,n I was reading that in a book that I got given when Bill was in hospital I don't think here you have to be a specially trained S.T I think they just get R.Ns that just happen to work in Colo rectal wards when they are training and thats it, it is definately not a certificate coarse from what I can find out, and that is where we are let down badly, particularly up here out of city, it is really hard up here if you are having problems, i have found that some of the Supply Co's are good, Aussie Hugs and Love to all