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  3. Ostomy shower guards in the UK?

     I realize I am a few months behind on this topic but my husband had a fistula caused by a tumor in colon that grabbed his bladder and his colon & bladder both burst from this.  We were finally able to coordinate our surgeon with an urologist to tackle this 9-10 hour surgery and we now have a permanent colostomy. Actually, this is temporary because we had to have a revised surgery to repair a dead stoma, a dying colon & we are awaiting an ileostomy as soon as he can live through another surgery. We had an ileostomy in 2012 that we had taken down but we have always used Saran Wrap to cover him. Since we don't know how long it will be before the next surgery, I haven't ordered anything permanent but there are belts, etc you can order. Since I don't know about his weight later on, we are using Saran Wrap until we eventually know what apparatus to order. Our 1st ostomy we knew would be taken down so we just wrapped up. Works very well. 
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  5. Ostomy shower guards in the UK?

    The stomagear link is: In keeping with that link, for the purpose of showering, what if you were to buy an appropriately sized plastic container, cut it to shape and cut slits in it to accommodate a D ring belt being passed through it, pad it and waterproof it next to your skin (top and sides) by affixing one-side adhesive foam weatherstripping to the container perimeter?  Maybe an easy, quick and cheap DIY solution?
  6. Ostomy shower guards in the UK?

    To shower when I'm not changing the bag:   I just use one of the opaque bags that comes with Hollister (USA) bags, and tape it over the bag so water doesn't leak into the sides.  It works pretty well.    
  7. Ostomy shower guards in the UK?

    Hi, that's handy. I have found as I am trying to change bags and flanges every two days - that a daily shower ends up tricky. Do you want an email to send a photo to? Send it to [email protected] Stephen  
  8. Reason For..

    Hi. First I am not a medical and so you must of course go on the more decisive interpretation of the medicals. This said, my own experience is that you ought to have tried all other options before going for an ileostomy for this purpose. I think sometimes they can jump the gun. But, if your symptoms are severe - you have to weigh the possible worst case situations such as blockage? ... against the difficulties which you will find with a stoma. I have had a stoma twice on a temporary basis in my life and it is not a plus. This said, the equipment has improved to handle a stoma since I first had one on a temporary basis as a child. So, get a really comprehensive view here; maybe a second opinion if this elective and non-urgent especially, in my view. In my view underlined. 
  9. Reason For..

    Hello All, New here. I'm scheduled to get an ileostomy on My 4th due to chronic constipation. I was hoping to get insight from others who had this surgery due to the same situation. I'm scared I could be jumping the gun and was hoping to see how severe the constipation was for others before taking this route. And then once taken, how has the outcome and your quality of life been? Thank You so Much Mandy
  10. I had a friend with a 3D printer, who actually made me a cover that slips over the top of my bag (we call it a stomalope)! I've been using it for a couple of years, is fabulous! It's about the same dimensions as an old fashioned computer disk (my bags are small as I irrigate), but could easily be made bigger...will try and post a photo for you
  11. In the post

    You're going to risk not having your needed ostomy supplies for some 20 pounds?  I wouldn't...  Really?
  12. Hi, I am off to the Netherlands next month and was wondering if I could send some of the ostomy supplies I will need to the place I will be staying, a friends home, via the regular postal service?   Only asking as I am only taking hand luggage so not much 'bag' room for my supplies....luggage in the hold is getting rather expensive now! 
  13.   I have just been checking out the issue of ostomy shower guards in the UK. There is a useful article on the US Stomashield site. However the problem with US products is that they can often have hefty import duties attached. The US blue crown apron is one such product. Now - don't tell me to wrap a plastic sheet around it or a shower cap over it.... are there any specialised products like Blue Crown on the UK sites? Can anyone advise?   
  14. Tks Laurence. Aware TX is big but just wanted an understanding of the system here in US - in the UK, any hospital would be able to give these FOC - rather than a specific location. (Which admittedly I didn't make v clear in my post!) So tyvm. 
  15. Make some phone calls to hospitals, pharmacies.  In the meantime, buy a roll of duct tape... PS  Texas comprises almost 262,000 square miles...
  16. Hi. Just arrived in Texas from Europe for a two-week vacation and realized I have forgotten clips/closures/ties for my drainable pouches!! I am panicking as no idea where I can get some. Checked eBay but may not deliver til Friday and I am moving about so a pharmacy/hospital or similar would be much better. Any advice would be so welcome!!! 
  17. Christy Ortegon

    1st Welcome to Ostomyland.  Sorry so much seems to be hitting you at once. Rest assure you have come to the right place. You can ask any question you want and also feel free to vent.  Believe me it helps to do both.  Take a deep breath and hold on because the ride for going thru cancer and its treatment and having someone walk away when you need them most is hard BUT you have to believe you WILL GET THRU THIS.  lostsoul
  18. I am new just want to speak to other people who have or currently have cancer dealing with both urostomy and colostomy. I have a strong faith in God. I also lost my husband of 15 years during the hardest part of my cancer battle he cheated on me and the left me and my three kids New Years Eve of 2016. Just looking for a friendly person to converse with.
  19. Nursing School

    Hi everyone! Long time between updates, I realize! Sorry about that! Charlene, who was diagnosed when she was 11 with Crohn's disease, in 2008, is a sophomore nursing student at the University of Vermont now! Her background: She had a temporary ileostomy fashioned on 9/11/09 and then a complete colectomy and permanent stoma made on 6/1/2010. She is feeling extremely well since her surgery in Nov. 2014, during which she had a small amount of small intestine removed and her stoma refashioned and moved to the other side of her stomach. She has had regular Remicade infusions every 8 weeks since then and these have kept her disease and symptoms under control. Her blood tests show no signs of inflammation, which is great news for her and for us. So, she's on her way to helping people just like herself! She's happy, healthy, and active!! Janet
  20. Hi Everyone! Need Help - Persistent Rash Under Flange

    Thank you so much for your reply! We have finally solved the rash problem with a new type of flange that Hollister has recently come out with called "ceraplus". This flange has not only healed her skin problem, she doesn't require an active seal to put over it to keep it on longer! This flange is a new product so doesn't come pre-cut yet. We bought Charlene a leather punch that she easily cuts the flanges with ahead of time, before she needs them. So she uses a prep wipe and a flange! Can you imagine? All with no rash, no powder, no barrier, and no active seal. It's a wonderful thing.
  21. Closed ostomy pouches

    correction to my post, you get 60 a month, not 90!  
  22. Hi Everyone! Need Help - Persistent Rash Under Flange

    Stoma Seal! I was just telling someone else about it. I don't use it I use Aqua Seal, but I know many people with allergies that cant live without them. Its costa medical. google them. Not expensive. Salts Healthcare in the UK also sends free products if you contact them.
  23. URGENT wafer problem

    Yikes, sorry to hear. I just joined. I heard great results with Stoma Seal or Aqua Seal from Costa Medical. I used the Aqua seal to swim and bath. google costa medical. good luck.
  24. URGENT wafer problem

    What about Nexcare Liquid Bandage? (Same as Cavillon Spray but available over the counter at pharmacy for much less.)
  25. URGENT wafer problem

    I have had a urostomy for 2 years and 12/15/2016 I had my bladder removed and the scar isn't in the way but we can't ge the wafer to stick on that sidefor more than seems like not eve a half hr. It just peels of. Only thing that;s being done different is the the extension barrier adhesive can't be used because of the scar at this time otherwise we have tried different soaps to try and make sure it is clean enough after surgery and always used skin prep but even tried without and getting the same results. Only thing keeping it from actually leaking all over is the strip paste used around the inside. I'm afraid this is going to leak and get into and opening in the scar and cause a nasty infection.
  26. Hi JueBug I am Krystal I currently am unemployed and in direr need ogf ostomy supplies I am a singl mom and really could use the  help at this time please help me

    1. MaraPodo


      contact I had an emergency. I had to pay for postage, but they sent me a box of salts healthcare bags.

  27. Ostomyland on fb

    Found the answers to my questions in the "Help & Support" headings regarding the fb "closed group".
  28. Ostomyland on fb

    I have a question about Ostomyland on fb, which was suggested I join by someone on this site.  I surmise a lot of people here also belong to that fb group. My question is this:  If I post anything will other fb friends who know nothing about my iliostomy see those posts? Same question goes for if I comment on another's post, will my unenlightened fb friends see them? I have many "friends" who are nothing more than people I used to share coins with through games, whom I have never met, and are not personally involved in any way with my life. I think my question is one of not knowing how "closed" the group is.  
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