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Toni's Christmas tree

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Special effects courtesy of advice from Magoo.

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Nice one Toni You got great light trails , different colours trally add to it . If your town has a big tree in the square you'll get great colours Try different apertures F-Stops or / and different exposure times . The manual for your camera will be on the Manuf. Website for free , just Google your camera name and model Num and you get the whole manual in PDF form , easier than a paper one .. One great feature of the DSLR is tou can plug it into your computer with a USB and shoot from your computer keyboard and see the picture on the computer instantly as you shoot . Look up " TETHERED SHOOTING " . a GREAT WAY TO LEARN THE CONTROLS AND TRYING DIFFERENT SETTINGS on the camera and seeing the results on the big screen instead of having to to download .

Keep experimenting Toni nice pic . Magoo

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