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  3. Well it's Christmas 2017 and once again a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the ostomates everywhere!
  4. Use of Stomapaste

    Hi Barry, I'm not experienced in what you are going through but I hope things are well for you? In the videos your watching have you tried doing things their way and most importantly did they work better for your? Have you told the nurses about your experience? Did they explain why you should do it with the paste?
  5. How do I get that ^%&$#^ flange to stick.

    The company that makes my products has a wax ring, like a gasket you us under a toilet.  It is molded to ft the shape of the hole in the gasket and sticks very well.  Only problem is it sticks to the hairs when you take it off, lie a bikini wax I guess.  Someimes I use an Xacto knife to cut the hairs as I remove the gasket.  It is more work but the gasket will stay for five days.   I hope that helps.
  6. So glad that I took the time to analyze and respond (on November 1st) to Narkor's desperate plea in a timely manner so that he would have some help in making his decision by November 22nd - His last visit here was November 1st so he likely hasn't even read it.  Unfortunately, not the first such happening... Maybe the time has come for me to re-evaluate whether such is worth my efforts, general approval rating percentage (Likes to Posts ratio) notwithstanding ...
  7. Use of Stomapaste

    Hi all, Just getting started with an Ileal Conduit that I had surgically inserted about a month ago. The nurses that I've been working with use stomapaste as part of the procedure for attaching the basic appliance to my body. However, the instructional videos I've been looking at (through You Tube) do not use this paste. Is stomapaste in fact part of the procedure or are the nurses I've been working with making me go through an unnecessary - and somewhat unpleasant- step. Thanks very much. Barry    
  8. "20% to 30% chance they did not get all the micro cancer cells which are undetectable in any test. In order to prevent the 20-30% chance there are undetectable micro cancer cells from moving to my lymph nodes then liver and lungs, is to perform the surgery. This will reduce the 20-30% to 3%." Okay, Please consider this and discuss with appropriate medical personnel if you are so inclined. Removal of colon 5 cm from both sides of where polyp was removed reduces cancer risk from 20 to 30 percent to but 3 percent.  Presumably, the 5 cm was chosen because after that each cm more is statistically insignificant for its effects when compared to the adverse other effects of that removal.  Thus, can a standard normal curve be fitted to the 10 cm interval, polyp removal site on centre?  If so, you may find the statistical risk of leaving the absolute minimum on the anus side to keep a functioning sphincter and anus acceptable.  Now, this will, no doubt, be a very delicate operation requiring a highly skilled colorectal surgeon but, if it were me, I'd be asking the questions.  Note as well that, again statistically, the operation to remove sphincter and anus carries with it a 10 percent chance of rendering you impotent. Tough call.  You need to pull in all available resources to make your most informed decision.  As to the qualitative factors, well, I had my total colectomy at about your age and I've learned not only to live with it but to flourish - Life is good.  Good Luck.
  9. Hi everyone, I just joined. Currently my status is I have had a polyp removed and it is undifferentiated, and tumor budding is present. It is stage 1 adenoma carcinoma, a common cancer. The polyp was intact and it was removed. The colorectal surgeon at our general hospital is recommending removal of 10cm of my rectum. 5cm above and 5cm below where the polyp was found.  Unfortunately there is only 4-5cm too close to my anus so it means if I make the decision it is an ostomy bag for life. I am very concerned and troubled by the decision I have to make. The way it has been explained to me is that my macro cancer cells CT and MRI tests are all negative. The surgery is recommended as the polyp had two out of four markers that make it a high risk aggressive cancer I am dealing with. There is a 20% to 30% chance they did not get all the micro cancer cells which are undetectable in any test. In order to prevent the 20-30% chance there are undetectable micro cancer cells from moving to my lymph nodes then liver and lungs, is to perform the surgery. This will reduce the 20-30% to 3%. I am struggling with a decision that is based on statistics more than facts. The fact is I do not have cancer. I might get cancer from micro cells if they were not removed fully. Has anyone faced this type of decision before and how did they come to terms it? I am a 46 year old male, with 0 health issues and have not had a cold flu or any sickness since 2015. I have till Nov 22, 2017 to decide, and I am leaning towards not doing it, but still unsure. I am currently researching life with an ostomy bag but really scared of what I am reading. Not sure what other info you may need but let me know. Thank you.  
  10. Sore

    I have what is a really red spot about the size of a pencil eraser. I seen the ostomy nurse and he said it is nothing to worry about but is getting worse. I use coloplast and did a sample of lite convex down from currently using deep convex. It didn't seen to make much difference but hard to tell seeing as they only give you 2 samples. I also use the powder product to dry it before adding sking prep but tried not using skin prep after the powder but no change. Also I currently use the strip past which is the long piece that you form as I tried the ring and stuck so bad it was worse. Who else could I see about this.
  11. I was wondering if maybe you were in the same kind of situation I am. message me back, if you would like I would appreciate it.

  12. I feel unwanted

    Hi,  I am new to a colostomy --just 5 weeks and have issues with my body, noise, will people know?  But my twin daughters [11] let me know that it is important what is on the inside, not on the outside and that helps A LOT!  Also one of my post-surgical nurses filled me in on the respect she had for ostomies because she would have lost her mother over 20 years ago if her mother hadn't had the surgery.  I have remind myself that my colostomy saved my life, and that's priceless.  
  13. The TIES System
  14. The belt is a great suggestion.  I have used the belt on my daughter who is extremely heavy, plus I use Eakin Cohesive Ostomy Barrier Seal by Convatec.  I use it all the way around the stoma (you can stretch it into any shape you like) and it gets warmed just by the warmth of your hands.  It sticks to the flange like nobody's business and the pouch seems to stay put (I use the 2 part Hollister floating flange and pouch system).  I am also a newbie and am still trying any suggestion anyone out there has for just about any problem. Mother Roz
  15. Thanks for the tip.  No, I didn't use the hair dryer since I wasn't sure whether or not  you meant on the flange or the patient.  I have tried calamine lotion to dry my daughter's skin, and that seems to work.  Her skin is looking better and the flange seems to stick, so I guess I just use the dryer for my hair, but thanks for your interest and suggestion.  It means a lot to me that people care.
  16. The TIES System

    How about posting a link to the titanium portal from Ostomy Cure, Norway website?  Thanks!
  17. Has anyone used or seen the new titanium portal from Ostomy Cure, Norway?  It is a pouch-less system for persons with an ileostomy.  
  18. Did you try a hair dryer on Low heat to start?
  19. Hi every one,this site is a god send I live in south florida very hot very muggy  I had the same problem   I found duraheisive wafers and a strap worked great for me no matter how loose pouch gets it cant fall off the strap was easy  to adapt to and now I don't feel right with out it   the point is there is plenty of choices out there don't loose hope, youll find the right set up for you    Rick
  20. I have used the products sent to me for my daughter (who is mentally handicapped) to dry the skin around the flange.  I have the "no sting prep" and the "stoma powder" to make a crust.  Guess what - it doesn't seem to work and her skin is irritated.  How do I dry the skin around the flange so that it sticks without irritation? Thanks, mother Roz
  21. Cut from polyester fleece an oval 9 inches by 6 inches, hole at 6 inch circle on centre just large enough to accommodate intersection of flange and pouch.  Pull it on like a hotel "Do Not Disturb" sign on a doorknob.  Wicks away moisture, soft on skin, won't fray, easily washable, cheap and comes in myriad of colours. Also, ALP Global Sure Seal Rings. Good Luck.
  22. Since I received my ostomy I can no longer excercise or do hard. Any sweating even minor causes pouch to fall off. Plus live in hot climate and can't even walk my dogs. Any solve this problem?
  23. Cleaning

    Try liquid hand soap mixed with an equal part of hand lotion (with paraffin) and a bit of water to be applied and lightly scrubbed with a wash cloth.  Good Luck.
  24. Cleaning

    What to use to clean area from the sticky mess. The adhesive remover wipes don't remove it..
  25. I am writing to ask if you could publicise our new group on Facebook. We are a group of people who have for many different reasons ended up with 2 or more ostomy bags often because of cancer, nerve damage or trauma. We are raising awareness of urostomy users and people with 2 or more Ostomies. We have named ourselves Double Baggers. Both Urostomates and people with multiple stomas as groups are little known and face unique medical and social issues. Rachel Jury also writes a blog called Rocking2Stomas where she discusses all issues surrounding having two bags. We are also promoting having better body image in an age where women with perfect bodies get body shamed. Men and women who have ostomy bags often feel ashamed of their bodies we are using the analogy that our scars are part of our road map of life and we should not be ashamed of them. We see ourselves as survivors of our diseases and are promoting having a good body image despite having to wear ostomy bags or/and scars. We would really appreciate if you would make our grour known to your members we would greatly appreciate it. We are starting a campaign to raise these issues and need input from as many double estimates and Urostomates as possible. We are based in the Uk and have members from all over the world. We have only been live as a group for a week and have 62 members already. Please come and have a look and tell us what you think.   Thank you for reading this message. Louise Pearce  
  26. Ostomy shower guards in the UK?

     I realize I am a few months behind on this topic but my husband had a fistula caused by a tumor in colon that grabbed his bladder and his colon & bladder both burst from this.  We were finally able to coordinate our surgeon with an urologist to tackle this 9-10 hour surgery and we now have a permanent colostomy. Actually, this is temporary because we had to have a revised surgery to repair a dead stoma, a dying colon & we are awaiting an ileostomy as soon as he can live through another surgery. We had an ileostomy in 2012 that we had taken down but we have always used Saran Wrap to cover him. Since we don't know how long it will be before the next surgery, I haven't ordered anything permanent but there are belts, etc you can order. Since I don't know about his weight later on, we are using Saran Wrap until we eventually know what apparatus to order. Our 1st ostomy we knew would be taken down so we just wrapped up. Works very well. 
  27. Ostomy shower guards in the UK?

    The stomagear link is: In keeping with that link, for the purpose of showering, what if you were to buy an appropriately sized plastic container, cut it to shape and cut slits in it to accommodate a D ring belt being passed through it, pad it and waterproof it next to your skin (top and sides) by affixing one-side adhesive foam weatherstripping to the container perimeter?  Maybe an easy, quick and cheap DIY solution?
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