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Major Update To Blogs Section Coming Soon From Ipb

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Trekkie Monster


IPB (Invision Power Board) have just launched the new 2.1.0 beta 1 version of their blogging software over on their company forums. Once this update has finished beta it will be installed here on Ostomyland. If you would like a sneak peak of what the new Oland blog pages will look like, and some of the exciting new features that are coming to the blogs to make them easier to use, please check out the following blog posting over on the IPB company forums:


I for one am looking forward to it, and for member who have multiple blogs on their accounts it is something you should be looking forward to, as it's going to make managing multiple blogs much, much easier. And the user interface for the blogs is going to be much clearer and better laid out too - so there's improvements there for all out bloggers to look forward to. :)

Roll on IPB Blogs 2.1.0 official release!


(Yeah, I just cant help but love the new board emoticons! lol)

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Thanks Jason, looks like it will be well worth the upgrade.

I'm a bit worried about you & all those emoticons though ....

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