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My upcoming fecal transplant



It's scheduled for July 1. To complicate matters, my back has been acting up really bad, and I hope that doesn't interfere. Got an appointment at the pain clinic tomorrow.

I asked my infectious disease doctor if I could contact my surgeons to get a schedule to repair my hernia and have my itty bitty colon straightened, but he said I'd have to wait a while to make sure everything is back to normal. What is normal? lol This lousy bout of c-diff has been going on well over a year and a half. My hubby is my donor, and apparently he's passed all the testing. It's been over two weeks since he was tested and so far we haven't heard anything to the contrary. So I guess we're good to go.

I went to see my primary because of my back, and he said that I'm the first person in their practice to have a fecal transplant, so all the doctors in the group will be following me. YEAH FOR ME.

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