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EZ vent



Hello again,

If you read the first part of this blog, you know the I managed to get things together and apply the EZ vent to my two piece Coloplast pouch system. I've managed to wear it for a full five days. It was a pretty good week with some change in my diet. The weather was fairly nice and I purchased quite a bit of fresh healthy vegetables which I love. Well my body doesn't love them as much as I do and they tend to make things not so pleasant on the way out. That being said, I was still quite happy with the ez vent as it's name says it all. It is 100 times quicker to pop open the cover of the vent to let air out. Unfortunately It did nothing to help my vacuum issue but I will continue using the supply I purchased and keep an eye on things to hopefully find a remedy to my problem.

The second application of the vent was not as easy as the first. (If I would of read your comment Jason, it would of been), I managed to cut the connection of the closure part of the vent from itself. :fool: ~ but there isn't much good old tape won't fix and didn't have any problems with losing the plug to the vent.

Next application will be the way Jason described as it sounds less complicated and quicker too! Thanks Jason :)

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Really liking the EZ vent enough to keep them in all my orders!

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