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Applying the EZ vent to my pouch



blog-0386138001429190269.jpgOkay word of warning~

Read directions 24 hours before you plan on wearing your pouch with the EZ vent applied due to it stating that it needs to adhere to the pouch for that length of time before wearing.

Of course I didn't so I will let you know if there are any issues with not following that direction.

The process is pretty simple if your pouch doesn't have a nice material covering the plastic. Otherwise you have to be a bit more flexible in maneuvering your pouch inside out and cutting the material.

Unfortunately my pics are uʍop ǝpısdn because the lighting was not so good and I want to get this up before my day gets to busy as I have some errands to run and some outside work as well.

The entry image is the open ez vent applied to the front of the pouch under the material. Following is the inside of the pouch where you are able to see the hole I have made to let out the air. In my case I am hoping to also add some air with this vent b/c I have had more of an issue of suction as opposed to needing to let air escape. Not sure why I am having so much suction whether it is the way I have been wearing it or the clothing I wear for work, time will tell.

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I remember when I trialed them that they said you got best results by cutting a small square out of the fabric cover for easier access to the plastic, then carefully use a pair of scissors to poke a hole in the front side of the bag's plastic. Then apply the vent over the small hole. Im not sure about the vaccum effect either. Is there anything on the company's website or anything about that? Most odd. Anyways, I hope the vent works well for you. It certainly has a lot of potential. You could also try poking your fingers in the pouch and wiggling them about a bit before applying it to the base plate or your skin so that you break the static seal that pouches can sometimes develop during the manufacturing process. 

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