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Surgery Went Well!

Janet Mitchell


Hi Everyone!

Hey, I just got a Happy Birthday message from Ostomyland! I thought you guys had closed your doors!

Charlene is doing really well. She had surgery on November 4th and they removed about 5 inches of small instestine and moved her stoma to the other side of her body, from right to left.

So, she has a brand new stoma, and an incision (where they moved the stoma from). They are both healing fairly well, but I'm disappointed by the incision where her stoma used to be. It looks like the scar will not be narrow and closed nicely. That kills me. Also, when they fashioned her new stoma the incision was too wide, so they took a stich next to it, which dissolved way too early and so that whole thing popped apart. Of course they don't repair these things, they just "let them heal." Very frustrating, really.

Charlene is such a trooper, though. No complaining at all, already back to school!

Tomorrow she starts Remicade.

I'm at work, so I have to run, but hello to everyone out there in Ostomyland and thank you for the birthday wishes!!


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Janet, Glad that Charlene's surgery went well.  Sorry that her Crohn's now requires Remicade but, hopefully, that will be the solution that works for her.  Best of luck to you both and belated Happy Birthday. - Laurence .

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