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Ileostomy Reversal Anxiety!



Ileostomy Reversal Anxiety!

Dearest Ostomy Community----

First I want to say thank you for the wonderful

people of the “Ostomy” community: great people with

wonderful humor in a very serious time of life…..

hats off to you all!!

Now I am reaching out to you all again for

support for my brother, Damon, who had an emergency Ileostomy

over a year ago and almost lost his life. Now he is finally healing

his surgeon is wanting to do the “reattachment” since he

was able to save a portion of his colon.

After talking with him today, 10/10/14, he is

riddled with anxiety. He has been on the internet reading the

“horror” stories of illeostomy reversals. He is now doubting about

having this done at all.

It took his sister (me!!) to say “snap out of it”----make an appointment

with your doctor for a real “question and answer” appointment, and

reach out and “talk” with those people in the “Ostomy Community” who have had

the reversal who can talk with you about their experiences, good and bad.

I told him that I would do my best to find anyone who would be

willing to talk to him…….so that’s why I am posting this. If

you have had an illeostomy reversal and are willing to speak to my brother

about your experience we would be so thankful.

He can be reach at:

Damon T.

Tampa, Florida

[email protected]

The sister!

Lisa T.

Arvada, Colorado

[email protected]


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