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Sen Sura Mio 2 piece system test



Ugh!!! I don't want to go [cry] . I have been enjoying the stress free life.

Vacation time is over for this month. Thank you Lord, I still have two more weeks to take. One I hope in Sept. and the last in Oct. Then November will be my 20th year anniversary at the job, and the four weeks kick back in for the year. Sad after so long you don't get two more weeks! But it is so hard to go back for me after being away. Oh, sorry this is about the sen sura mio!

I don't plan on wearing the Mio tomorrow, as it is a Sunday and the job will be crowded as it is every Sunday. Besides I want to see what new things they have dropped on us this week otherwise I will not pay attention to the pouch unless it has a big fail. My usual change day from then is Wednesday and I hope things will of settled and it will be a good time to experience the Mio once again.

I have been holding off on placing my order just till I decide if it is worth getting.


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