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Sen Sura Mio



Tonight I have begun to use the first of the two samples of the Sen Sura Mio two piece system.

Pictures to follow as soon as I remember how to add them, lol

Well as you see I managed to get the pictures up. Interesting texture the pouch has. It reminds me of something that is waterproof. Idk, that is what it feels like to me. Yes it is more sturdy and doesn't flop over in the way my current pouch does. The flange has four hook ups for a belt but I haven't researched anything about the belt.

Well day one was great no problems and it seemed like it was a bit more noticeable but no one mentioned anything to me so it can't be that much. I would probably deal with the extra bulky look if the pancaking and ballooning were never be an issue. Again tho, I didn't feel as if it was extra bulky.

Day two, another story. I'm not sure how much the heat may of played a part in things but the flange started to come away from my skin. I did have quite a bit of freight to work this past week so maybe between the heat and the more than usual bending might of been the cause. I was not feeling confident in trying it for the third day but I did not experience any pancaking or ballooning either day. I am off from work for a few dully needed days and I would of liked to have two more samples but since I only have one left I will hold on to it till I go back to work.


My stoma is  huge from the hernia......about 2 3/8", so they'll send me some samples when they get my size.   How about using the Brava Elastic tape.

I use it for insurance  all the time now.....just in case.

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Oh yes, I do have a few from samples but I really didn't want to use them for this because I was a few hours from leaving work and figured I could just shower and change. It didn't come away enough to make me feel I was going to have a leak, just enough to make me aware, maybe from my shirt moving about since we have to have them tucked in. I want to hold on to them till I order some, the first time I used them I really felt confident they stuck so well.

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