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Burning around Ostomy



I've had my ostomy since 2005 but have never blogged before. In the last couple of years I have terrible burning around the site off and on. Sometimes it hurts as I'm having movement and sometimes constant. I use a Eakin Seal with my pouch system because I have an "innie" stoma. I was the stoma adhesive powder and anti-sting spray when I change. Any suggestions?

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Hi Shopsandy,

      I assume you have a colostomy ,as you mention movement ,It can't be the Stoma where the stinging is ,so must be your parastomal skin. Is your motion too firm and your stoma tight ?Are you taking enough liquids to keep the motions lubricated?

      If non of these apply ,maybe you should look at your diet ,a good idea is to keep a diary of when this happens and what you have eaten ,probably the day before,then see if it happens the next time you eat the same items.

      Is the Eakin Seal working correctly ,stopping any escape under your flange?,With having an" Innie Stoma" maybe you should ask about a Convex flange. 

      Hope one of these suggestions might work.

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