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O'land Anniversary



I have noticed that this past Sunday, March 2nd was my one year anniversary at O'land :yahoo: !

Wow, how time flies. I remember my first day. Two of my friends that I have made at another site have talked about O'land, (one more so than the other) and G and I were looking for A when G remembered at 3 o'clock A could be found at the O'land chat. So since G was already a member she went to the chat to look for A. We were still in contact through another chat and G was telling me how nice the folks in chat were. Yes A is here she told me, but she was also enjoying the company of the others in the chat as well so she kept telling me to join. I was not interested in going through the whole process of completing the information to join, but the more she insisted, I quickly filled the information out and found my way to the chat room.

If I remember there were about six people in the chat and everyone started welcoming me to the chat. I don't recall what everyone was talking about but there were some usual questions and answered typed back and forth about where everyone was from and what type of ostomy we had. We stayed in chat for just about the whole hour an met some very friendly folks. Then we went back to the other site. Soon after my visit, I was curious about O'land, the folks were nice and the chat was fun so what else am I missing.....I was thinking.

I spent a few days reading and exploring I found so much more interesting things than the other site had, and it was the way things are so user friendly that I could not stay away. I anxiously awaited to be in the next schedule chat to see if it was as friendly as before and yes it was!

The information posted in the forums were so informative and sometime down right funny that I came back everyday and spent hours here. I knew that this was a place I would like to be a part of because the people here have a lot of knowledge that they were sharing and I was learning new things about ostomys and stoma tips. I even found the main site and was even more excited to read all the great information there including many links to suppliers and reviews on products. The main site is awesome and continually updated with new information. I know I am still new, but I really enjoy every moment I spend at Ostomyland.

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im new here this wk and happen to have my Birthday on march 2nd, i know very little about what is about to happen to me and would love to get a connection here for some good plain advice. 

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Hi BendyLue,

I think I left a message on your post along with a few others. Happy Belated Birthday too you! On my way to see if you posted any further information.....

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