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Ostomy song



Greetings all,

I am new to the blogosphere and come here as the parent and husband of a family with Gardner's syndrome. My son Micah, went through a j-pouch surgery on June 11th of this year and as happens, got an infection that left him in the hospital off and on for most of the summer. He comes home today after his latest stay and all total 73 days in the hospital since the surgery. During this time his faith and attitude have never wavered and has been a wonderful example for everyone. To that end, he has written a song that I hope you will find as encouraging and funny as we have. The hospital staff enjoyed it enough to have a professional musician do the background instrumentals to the song. The link is on YouTube and I hope you pass it on to others who have had or are having to deal with an ostomy.



he he, very good as a FAP/gardners sufferer and parent you need a good sense of humour. i wrote a piece called FAP an owners guide. its on the main page sort of a journey through my life

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The visual was fun, and yes, it may be a strange request but some of us have come to know what is right for us.

Good job! Keep smiling!

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