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My Brother's Keeper

blog-0987923001377293063.jpgHi Guys/ Ladies,

The pic was so cute I had to post "Devil Eyes", my Sister/Hubby's brand new baby goat, only a week old, Ain't he Cute-- but those eyes !!! He plays with her dogs and thinks he IS a dog!! So funny LOL.

My brother had to have a temporary Ileo last Jan and still has it .His Colon was perforated during a routine scope. He has Colitis but was not having any trouble , just routine. His meds( Sulfalazine works really well for him. He had Diverticulitis and was perforated during removal of a Polyp.

He was released from the day ward although his belly was swollen with pain.

Got peritonitis and spent nearly four months total in hosp. He was released too soon after a month and back in after ten days because he couldn't swallow food,He had a paralyzed muscle in the Pharynx which took weeks to come back to life. After a DVT and a clot in the lung he almost died a couple of times .

Now the poor guy is back in for an Aortic Valve replacement.They knew about the heart problem last year and left it until aweek before his Reversal surgery to do an Angiogram, now he is stuck with the Ileo for probably another year!! The op was done two days ago and he came through it still breathing, happily . Now I discover he has MRSA. They say it was found in a nasal swab but with the Ileo and the large chest sutures I'm worried it will spread.

I've had major surgery in an Irish hospital three or four times and had no complaints about anything at all except for one really Nasty nurse .

His experience was Terrible . There was a such lack of attention and communication both between the Medical personnel themselves and with myself as the family contact that I had to go to the hospital almost every day to make sure he was taken care of . As an Irish person I don't like to go overboard about a single case but I would never allow myself-- or him to be treated there again. Just a litany of failures. Without my intervention , at least twice he would almost certainly have died. I had some horrible treatment in SF when I first got sick and wound up with less than a 50 / 50 chance because I was turned away from Kaiser , telling me I had hemorrhoids even after I told them that the toilet was full of blood every time I used the bathroom, could not eat, visibly emaciated, and was in extreme pain . I went to three different hospitals and saw four doctors !!! all the same result, they gave me a packet of powdered Gatorade and said " you'll be fine " . A private Gastroenterologist diagnosed me in about FIVE minutes and wrote a letter to get me into Kaiser. I stayed on a gurney for more than 12 hours , all night by myself in a hallway !!! before they did Anything for me !! My two brothers had to intervene to keep me alive.

What comes around goes around. Now its my turn and he is still alive and kicking , going to see him tomorrow.We will see.

Well the moral of the story is . No matter what hospital or country you are in you always need a " Wingman/woman" to keep an eye on things if you cannot do it yourself !!

Don't get me wrong , 99% of the medical people I've dealt with were excellent, empathetic and great people but all it takes is one bad one to kill you.

Nurses are my favorite people, my sister is a nurse in Washington and a great source of great advice when I need it .

Good to be posting again. Sorry that my first new post is one long rant, except of course for the "Devil eyed goat"-- bouncing around like a wind up toy, so cute!!

Love Y'all Magoo :)


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