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Hi Guys,

I've been quiet for a while now so I thought it was time I added a short piece.

I'm in Navan, Ireland at the moment. I had a scope a couple of weeks ago and my rear end looked like chopped liver inside. It's been giving me a lot of trouble recently. I'm using Flagyl and Colifoam, a steroid foam that squirts in there with a syringe type gadget and they seem to be working.

I have another scopoe tomorrow and hopefully it will look better. I'm going to San Francisco in the last week of August and tomorrows scope will let me know if its safe to go . My brother and his two sons are coming in Sept and I will be in SF while he is here . His wife is not in good shape and I will be keeping an eye on things while he is here. She is in a wheelchair now and has fallen a lot of times because of a bad knee and back. Nobody seems to know how to help her . The America's Cup yacht race is being held in the bay this Aug and Sept so I will catch some of that , hopefully. I'm staying at my brothers house just outside Dublin for a few days..

We had summer her for a couple of weeks and it was so nice . This country is just magic when the weather is nice. The temp went up to 85 for a few days!!! . Its been 20 years since Ireland had two weeks of this kind of weather. My pics are on my computer at home , I'll post when I get back. I was swimming every day for two weeks in a nearby lake, it felt so good, I had no ' accidents; , got no funny looks. In fact I met some beautiful young ladies who gave me no funny looks even with my shirt off !!! Really hepled my confidence.There were visitors from all over the planet swimming at the small sandy lake beaches. Irish women seem to have have become better looking in recent years,!!! very impressive, they look after themselves better in general and they look fantastic. People are so much more pleasent when the weather is good, they smile and are much more pleasent in the shops . Weather makes such a difference to peoples attitude, how they get through the day . When the weather is bad, as it usually is people always look so miserable ( for good reason ) . The weather is still pretty good so people will be smiling for a while longer.

Gotta go.

Later guys Magoo55

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