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hi folks



just popping in to say that you're not forgotten, but I'm having problems with my computer at home. It can't take a lot of pictures and graphics, and that's why I have to save my capacity for things that are urgent. Is it possible to get access to this site through mobile phone or iphone? I'm considering buying an iphone soon, if I've got enough money...

except for my computer problems I'm doing great physically. I'm working for the deafblind organization in Norway. I still don't earn my own money at the moment, it's still unpayed work.

so how are you doing?

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Completely a late reply I know, but yet the site can be viewed via iphone, either in it's normal theme, or in the mobile/tablet theme. Note: Formatting bbcode buttons will never appear on the iphone/ipad regardless of theme. 


I hope you are keeping well and having a good Christmas run-up. :) 

Take care, 



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