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Just an update , I haven't contributed for a while !



Hi there ALL my Ostomyland friends .

Well its been a while , I've been remiss . I'm still in Ireland but I'll be heading back to US in late August .

Our summer finally arrived in this cold, wet land . The farmers are all out cutting their hay and there is a beautiful smell of freshly cut grass everywhere . Meeting the huge tractors on these tiny roads will give you a bit of a trrill !!!! they don't slow down when they approach , they assume that you know the roads -- beware .

If this country had this weather all the time nobody would ever leave . The countryside looks uninhabited here in the West , the grass is still " forty shades of green ' ( Not Grey!!! ) , the beaches with their sugary sand and the local lake is warm enough to swim in . The water at the beaches ( Enniscrone ) on the Atlantic is still very cold to swim in so I've been going to the local lake to get some swimming in . The lake near my house ( Lough Conn ) is spectacular when the weather is nice and its little sandy beaches arealmost deserted . The scene is framed by a circle of mountains not very far away . We've had about 75 - 80 degrees for about two weeks now !!! - unheard off . It must be 20 years since we had weather like this for more than a couple of days . Our Atlantic High Pressure system is sitting right where we like it - right over the whole country .

I can't get enough of it . It effects the people here so much when we get this weather .Everyone is smiling , they say " have a great day " in the local shops and they actually SMILE . It is like a different country when the sun shines like this . The drivers are allhappy and polite with all their windows open - " we can actually drive with the windows open " !!!

I had my Pouchoscopy in dublin a couple of weeks ago and it looked pretty horrible in there . The passage is very narrow and looked a bit like chopped meat !!!! I got no anesthetic so I'm surprised that you guys in the US didn't hear my screams !! it was very painful , think double sided dagger being shoved in there . I'm using Colifoam / Proctofoam and Flagyl . These have relieved the swelling and pain so it is much better now . Going backon August first for another look .

I'm heading back to NY and the San Francisco in the last weekl of August . My brothers wife is now in a wheel chair in SF because of her knee and back problems . She seems to be mentally confused also , possibly wrong meds or too much meds . Herr husband ( my brother ) is taking their kids and one fiancee here to Ireland in Sept and he cannot go and leave his wife alone so that's where I come in . I would have loved to be here when they get here and take loads of photos but ... So I will go and stay with his wife while he and the boys are here and the brother from NY .I'll miss the family gathering but all in a good cause . My poor brother was a nervous wreck when he came last time and his wifw was walking then , badly but still walking , now she is in the wheelchair with a $5,000 brace on her leg . The brace is no good if she doesn't exercise the leg . I'll try to get her out of the chair and walking if she will cooperate . I wanted to photograph the America's Cup in San Francisco Bay in Sept , unfortunately that is the week they are coming and I will be looking after Janet . I'll catch the practice races so that's OK .

My brother here in Ballina had his Colon punctured ( has Colitis , DD, and Ankilozing Spondalitis ( Spelling ??). during a Colonoscopy over a year ago and he was supposed to get it reversed this week . This has been postponed now for at least a month . The economy here is really having a bad effect on hostitals and tests and operations are postponed all the time . So we have to drive to Galway next Monday to have a Cardiac Cath to check something they found in his heart . They knew about this heart thing last year and waited until the week before the surgery to do something about it and of course the hospitals are swamped with patients .A lot of hospitals were closed so the big hospitals have way too many patients to deal with .

I've been trying to write some stuff like short stories and posting on a writers site .I got a lot of reads and they seem to be very popular but I'm not ready for prime time yet . I'll put up a link when I figure I won't be too embarrassed letting you guys see it . I haven't been doing a lot on my building project . My butt has been troublesome and kept me from heavy work .I do a bit when things feel better but not nearly enough . I can't really afford to get a crew in to do it but It will eventually get done , thats my motto .

I saw a great poster on the internet of Jack Nicholson .His hair is sticking up crazily and he has several days of stubble , crazy grin on his face and the caption says .

" Life got a hell of a lot easier since I stopped giving a F...K "

Thats the attitude I've decided to adopt . " don't Stress and you won't be stressed ." You can only change the things you control so don't worry about the things you cannot change " , recognize that ??

Well I'm going off to the lake for a swim and then to my sisters for barbecue . A barbecue in Ireland -- that is one for the record books !!!

I got a new TV and it has WI-FI built in . For you techie gadget people out there it actually works !!!! often they don't do what they say they will . With Netflix its great . I turned off my Satelite service , saving about 60 Euros ( about $90 ) a month . You know what ,I don't even miss the service ( Sky ) I get everything from thei nternet .

OK enough for now .

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