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OMGoodness long time no blog



I can not believe I have not blogged since 2011. Let's just say life got busy and lots of fun! I do believe that since my last blog I met the man of my dreams and got married on April 28, 2012. We had a beautiful church wedding and went on a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean for our honeymoon. Luck for us that was before the drama of the ship getting stranded in the ocean. We do love to cruise!! I also have a great niece on the way in September. I am so excited since it will be the closest to us having a child of our own.

My wonderful husband had never really seen me at my sickest point yet, but I do know he will handle it in stride when my Crohn's does decide to rear its ugly head again. He has had to carry me to the ER on a few occasions and he did great (thank goodness if not I'd have to send him to the curb). I have been having some wonderful signs that maybe my wonderful remission just might be over for the time being. I have noticed the sed rate climbing and I really do not know what the next step would be. I am already on the MAX dose of Cimzia. I will deal with that when the time comes.

Just always have the wonderful irritation around the stoma and ugly marks from the perstomal pyroderma. Oh well it is the battle wounds that make us who we are!

Glad to be back!


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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL! That's all great news relationship-wise Crystal. Thanks for the update and welcome back too. :) I'm utterly delighted for you, I hope you have many happy years ahead together. 


As for the remission and drugs, you will both face it together as and when the problems arise. And together you'll give it a heck of a run for it's money I'm sure so good luck to you both for that! 


Great to see you back again - dont leave it so long next time or I'll send Fuzzbutt around! :p hehe

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